Fav Minecraft Mods

Wonder what are some of the mods others around here mess with.

I’ve been messing with “better then wolves” to make some crazy things. like an automatic animal farms that auto breeds and then kills the baby animal after it grows up. Then collects the meat and places it in a chest for me.

my first design did not work as well as my second. The second uses a timer based on wheat growing when it grows it sends an redstone charge to feed wheat to the animals. Then after they grow up they decide to try to leave and get washed away down a river full of running saw blades.

Its quite funny to watch LOL

Also an auto farm for wheat, sugar cane, and watermellon. I can make pumpkin farms just havent done it yet. These also collects the grown product and sticks it in a chest.

I’ll take some screen shots later if anyone wants to see.

I love tekkit since it combines several mods into one. There is soooo much to do. It combines ComputerCraft, RailCraft, BuildCraft, IndustrialCraft, EquivalentExchange, and WeaponsMod. I think that’s it…

ill have to look into that one, i love messing with redstone and other mechanics to make random stuff.

i just hate that any mod requiring Forge runs so slowly on my pc.

Tekkit also includes a mod that adds more redstone and mechanics to it, so you should like it.


You can see the mod’s that are included on the tabs.

Tekkit also uses forge tho, but if you want single player use Technic, Tekkit is pretty much Multiplayer Technic.

I mainly just open to Lan with around 4-6 other people . so not really single player but not a real server either lol

I like forge. It let’s me run 30 mods at the same time.

Forge seems really dominant, unfortunately, but that’s because it’s a good toolset, and the MC community can’t be arsed to optimize.

I recommend:

-Balkon’s WeaponMod: Adds an advanced combat system and weapon usage mechanic. New weapons and new combat.

-Flan’s Mod: Guns, Planes, tanks, cars, bombs. You get where that is going. Has addons for nerf guns, WWII vehicles, and look at that, MW3 weapons/items

-AtomicStryker’s Ruins: Adds new ruin structures that appear in your world, lots of them.

-SkyrimCraft: Adds shouts, Mobs, shops in Skyrim style, items and armor/weapons.

-Pixelmon: Adds Pokemon to Minecraft, great combat and actually has capturing mechanics and over 140+ Pokemon currently.

-Clay Soldiers: Little minions of clay that do tons of things and are crazy fun to watch.

Those are some good ones, most are Forge-required I believe though, just going to have to live with it. As for utilities. OptiFine, TooManyItems, Recipe Book and Shelf Mod (Look up: Risugami’s Mods) are very useful.

Hope this helps out.

I’ve tried all of those except flan’s mods.

Last time I checked he didn’t update for 1.4.5

Feed-the-beast.com It’s like technic/tekkit. Enjoying the slight variations.




RedPower 3

Feed-the-beast.com It’s like technic/tekkit. Enjoying the slight variations.

FTB is so good, I have been playing for a while now.

Saturday they are updating and it requires a new world, that’s no big deal though.

It will be so worth it :P

Well, I use the XBox Version, but I’ve been looking up a lot of videos of mods recently, and the Slenderman Mod looks like it could be fun to mess around with. o:

Mocreatures mod.

Pixelmon ^^

Feed The Beast is the best mod pack that i know of its free and has 93 mods. It is also known as FTB

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