• Frequently Asked Questions -

! Trouble installing VB6 on Windows 7?
! Give this a try.
! Q: I receive [insert runtime/automation error here] when I try and run the engine.
! A: If it mentions a .dll or a .ocx file or anything about ‘ActiveX’ then you’ve installed the library files wrong. If mentions an automation error then you either have dodgy drivers or, if you get it running the client, your might not have a working sound card at all. If it mentions a file path then you haven’t extracted Origins properly. In both cases you need to go read the installation instructions on the download page. If it’s an actual RTE in the source code then go post a question thread and take a screenshot of the error and post the line it errors on. That’s the line which is highlighted yellow.
! Q: All the images aren’t lined up and some things are really big. Everything is positioned differently from in the screenshots.
! A: Set your DPI to 100%.
! Q: I get ‘Address already in use’ as an error.
! A: Close the server you already have running. If you’re not running a server (please check your processes first) then simply change the port on the game.
! Q: How do I make myself an admin?
! A: Go to the server, right click your name in the player list and choose ‘Make admin’.
! Q: How do I open the admin panel?
! A: Either type ‘/admin’ in the chat or press ‘Insert’.
! Q: What are the slash commands?
! A: /help, /info, /who, /fps, /fpslock, /stats, /party, /join, /leave, /admin, /kick, /loc, /warpmeto, /warptome, /warpto, /setsprite, /mapreport, /respawn, /motd, /banlist, /ban, /edititem, /editanimation, /editnpc, /editresource, /editshop, /editspell, /editmap, /setaccess, /destroybanlist, /debug
! Q: How do I change map sizes?
! A: Origins allows you to have each map a different size. Change it through ‘MapEditor -> Properties -> MapX and MapY’.
! Q: How do I make character sprites bigger?
! A: Simply make them bigger in the sprite sheet. Origins will automatically register the new size and render them properly.
! Q: I found [insert tutorial here] and it doesn’t work with Origins. Why not?
! A: Anything written for Total Eclipse, Eclipse Evolution or Eclipse Stable will not work with Origins. Origins is a completely new engine. They bear no similarities at all. Either find an equivalent tutorial for Origins or make do without.
! Q: I found [insert tutorial here] which is for the [insert version here] of Origins. Will it work with the latest version of Origins?
! A: Possibly. Depends entirely on what the tutorial is changing. Even if it doesn’t work the chances are it’ll require only a small change to work in the latest version. Either do this yourself or request the mod author to update his tutorial to the latest version.
! Q: How do I add more graphics?
! A: Origins reads all graphics located in the directories on load. If you want to use a tileset simply copy & paste it in to the /tilesets/ folder and name it to match the rest of them in ascending order. As Origins counts the graphics as it loads them, if you miss a number then all subsequent graphics won’t be loaded at all.
! Q: In the item graphics you have two sprites. Why is that?
! A: The pink/green background is the masked item. This will appear on the map and the pink/green will be replaced with transparency. The black background one is the sprite that will appear in your inventory, bank, shop etc. The black will not be replaced with transparency, so change it to match the colour of your GUI.
! Q: How do I place shops or banks?
! A: Map attribute.
! Q: Where can I add NPCs to my map?
! A: ‘Map Editor -> Map Properties -> Npcs’.
! - Optimizing Your Question Asking -
! One thing I’ve noticed is that sometimes, members can go for days without getting a response, or are sometimes scolded by other members for “asking questions” (as certain complaining members put it.), and one determining factor in the majority of these cases is simply due to inconsistent information, bad formatting, or previous experience. So, for future reference, I’m going to help you with some tips on laying out your question, and how to get the best response possible!
! Tip #1 - Titles are everything!
! This is an obvious one, but I can’t tell you how many questions I have skipped over, due to the title simply being dodgy, and many other members are the same. Now, I’m going to ask a question on a common error. Which question looks better:
! [EO2.3] [RTE-9] NPCs will not save.
! My NPC editor is broken!
! Hm…the first one of course! What do you notice? Well, for starters, it contains the base engine used, and it also displays the runtime error that occurs. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone into a thread, only to find it uses a silly buggy custom version that I thought nobody used. Going along to that, I should also mention that you use custom versions at your own risk. The only people obligated in any form to offer support for them are the custom version developers.
! Tags that you should include should be information such as your graphic library used (Commonly [DD7], or [D3D8]), your audio library used (Commonly [DS7], [FMOD], or [BASS]), and anything else that you think is relevant.
! Once your question has been solved, be courteous, and add <solved>at the start, and lock your topic! This will help members in future who may have the same errors.
! Tip #2 - State RELEVANT information!
! This is also an obvious one, but yet again, people ask a question, and then decide to not give much details about it, which leads to a very cryptic debugging experience. It also generally leads to people being ignored. Remember, the members here are making the effort to attempt to help you, the least you could do is provide some information!
! Tip #3 - Copy/Paste breakpointed/highlighted code from your VB6 IDE!
! This is an uncommon one, but one that is extremely helpful, regardless. You should attempt to recreate the error in VB6, and then copy/paste the code around it, and highlight the line that’s gone wrong. By doing this, you virtually guarantee that somebody’ll be able to tell you what’s wrong.
! Tip #4 - Convey effort!
! This is a serious one. One thing that you need to remember is that we are not here to make your game for you! But, that doesn’t mean to say that we won’t help you out if you are genuinely stumped. Once you have a problem, rather than running here first thing, try out several things, such as changing some variables, research information relating to the runtime error/matter, or even breakpointing each line to find out where things become systematic. If you show effort, it really comes across that you want to make a great game!
! Tip #5 - Manners!
! The members that post responses here are all voluntary. They are not obligated to do a single bit, and so, if anybody does help you, show gratitude! If you aren’t courteous, in term, the members that are trying to help you will just disappear, and you’ll leave yourself deep in a hole! As an example, I personally already have a support blacklist of members I won’t help for sheer cheek. Don’t do the same! Once your problem is solved, edit your topic’s title to include the [RESOLVED] tag, and make sure you say thanks to the people that helped you!
! And, that’s it! By remembering this few simple tips, you can expect the time taken for you to get to the bottom of your problem to decrease dramatically!</solved>