Count to 1,000,000!

9907 Times will I have to come back to get everyone back on the correct number. If there is 9906 replys to the topic then the number is on 9907….

Now I’m not sure which number to go with, 9908, 9900, or 9899… A lot of people were trying to skip numbers, but sure. 9908

I always had to come get people back on track either they would skip numbers or go back to screw everyone up.

its easy just look at my post it will have a # on the right screen you are #9908 on your post so

9909 is the correct number to be here

technically not, not everyone who posted in this thread left a number…

I usually don’t count people who say the wrong number or none at all as counting… 9899

Then we should start back at 1 since there is no way to tell the true number we are on unless you go read all 496 pages due to the fact many numbers have been skipped or just screwed up by people post in the topic.


Sure, why not 2

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