About the map converter from EE

I have a game, sinse 2009, we use Eclipse Evolution (2.7), in this game we made 700 maps… has you see, this is a lot of maps…

so… when I see the eclipse - Event system, I loved it XD, but I can’t go from one vertion (700 maps) to annother… (oviusly reazon) so… I want to know… If there is a way… to change maps from Eclipse Evolution 2.7 to Eclipse-Event Sistem 2.3.

I don’t care if the atributtes of the maps go… I only wan’t all the tiles set, in its place.

can some one help me please? or give me some hints… THANKS.

If anyone has a converter for this, it would be very usefull for me too. I have plenty of EE 2.6 maps made.

This is very important to me, because I have 700 maps… that is 4 years of my life XD, I can’t map alla again… If some one could give the visual basic code… OR Help me to understand the real sintaxis from the old data map, and new one…

I will apreciate

The old crap isn’t even up for download(?) here anymore, so I don’t think anyone can even look into it.

i can make you a converter send me a pm

maybe… if some one can tell me, hoy I can save al blocks tiles number and tile position, I can made one converter to help other people in my position.

Thanks for the help blkcrow, I will pm you

I have made a converter if anyone still needs one.

It by default converts only to Eclipse Dream Worlds engine(since its the closest EO i can find to having all Evolution/Stable systems…) but can easily be fixed to work with any other EO.

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