Giveaway winners announced.

It’s late, unexpected things happen. With having a new born I don’t even have time to play Rotmg let alone focus all of my time on every detail about Eclipse. To put it into perspective I turned 20 on May 3rd and spent my day working, planning out things for eclipse and taking care of my daughter.

1. Xbox live 3 month membership: Matt

2. 5$ paypal: Johnson

3. 10$ paypal : Johnson

4.15$ paypal : Slasher

5. 20$ paypal: Zopto

6. 3 month psp membership (JBS): Skyward

7. 5k forum points : Slasher

8. Special eclipse rank : Matt

Thanks to all entrants, your prizes will be sent to you at the earliest convenience. All entrants will have a chance to beta test a new project hosted by JBS.

Yeeeey 😄

Oh cool I won something!… Something I don’t need haha. Thanks a lot guys, but you can give my prize to the runner up 😄

You must have had like… 5 participants for their to be 3 people who won multiple spots… Lol.

Nice! Thanks!

Well in accordance with the rules for every vote you got counted as an entry, so the people who won multiple times had their name entered more than once. Random name picker did the rest. All of those who won a prize please pm me with your details in relation to the prize.

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