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I was waiting for this! Gonna test it out when I get home.

Why don’t you just add in a scroll bar in item editor so that you can select the paperdoll for the dagger when there are two wielded?

~~because the paperdoll for daggers is soo small that i didnt feel the need to use more than one, if i do change it ill make sure to update the tutorial.

I just rememberd why i did that. because it checks the shield based on its paperdoll so if you just added a scroll bar as soon as you selected something over paperdoll 2 it wouldnt show, ill try n figure a way around this but i just didnt want a needlessly over complicated tutorial.~~

fixed it ill be adding it to the tutorial se soon as i pick my brother up from school.

Updated, now you can select the paperdoll of your dagger.

~~the tutorial works but im still trying to figure ut how to post it, whenever i put spacing in it sheows up in the code and looks like crap 😕

Working on a new found bug. Ill update soon as i figure this out~~

Fixed it all guys! feel free to use.

The second dagger, delete when log out player :( how to fix?


THIS WORK!, sorry for post :(! :)!! NICE!.

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