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I did once upon a time have a thread here with all the work I’d done for members, but can’t seem to locate it so I guess we’ll just start a new one up.I have some examples of previous work I’ve done…

Forum Sigs

GUI Work

There are no catches, just ask me what you need done and I will try my best to do it. If it is really complex and we need to discuss it, I will PM you for design input.

There are no charges, this is not a shop. I do not want any donations, a small credit in the finished project is a nice gesture, but not required :)

If it’s animated. all graphics can be supplied in either .SWF Flash, .Gif or HTML format.


If you are requesting a GUI you will need to zip up your GUI folder , host it somewhere and send me a link.

I can’t commence GUI work until that GUI folder has been sent to me.

Blast away!

p.s Having issues still using images in posts on this new site, attachments will do for now :)

Ok first one off the rank, can revise and improve if needed…

Kajamaz: “i would love it if you would come and help us out over at EverEmber Online, we are in dire need of an epic firey dragon logo for our game and a gui.”

No problem. The GUI is something a little more advanced, I would need some input from you as to what sort of look you were after.


Having issues attaching images and using links, sent you a PM

Hey Devo, Thanks for the graphics you gave me, i sent you a message!

Hi Devo! I would like to know if you could make me a logo for the Fallen City of Eldrum.

Our Wip is here

I would like to have the Word Eldrum on a broken stone. something like this

For the Icon in the middle I would like to have an old book, like a spell book.

I just want a simple logo, that will show that the time era is kinda way in the past.

I love your work and I would like to know if you could whip me up something.

Devo you’re back! You don’t know me but I used to admire your work on your old post xD. Well, seeing as you’re being so generous. I was wondering.

Could you make me a game logo? Well, lets be a bit more specific :). I need a logo for my W.I.P game “Assassin Online”, what I really need is a distinct RPG looking logo. Obviously it would read the words: Assassin


You know that kind of sizing, It would need to be dark themed, maybe with a bit of blood. If you’re feeling up for the challenge it would be cool if you could stick a Katana in there, weaving in between a letter or two. (You know a samurai sword) It would best (in my opinion) with a metal effects outline and some sort of dark style filled in the words.

Thanks a bunch if you could do that for me! Another thing, is I could do with a little logo for it. Well an Icon. Something I could put up places and/or us as my avatar. Also something that would fit as the client icon. You known same style saying AO or something. Thanks in advance if you could get that done! Regards,

EDIT: If you’re up for the challenge of adding in a Katana, would be awesome possum if you could make an animated version where the blade shines. And a non animated version where there is just a solid shine, (not to overpowering :D) Thanks again.

No problem Sinnix and Yumiko, I am working on them right now. Hopefully done within an hour or 2, I’m at work and it’s a slow monday, so this will keep me occupied :)

Hey Devo ^_^ Im looking for a sig made for my game, called Corrupt Core:Umonian Tales.

I would like the sig to be very up-tuned so to speak. A crystal gem in the backround of the middle of the text (Corrupt “Core”) Very positive text, but a very dark and sinister backround.

Dont really know any other way to explain it.

lol nice username… :)

Yep no problem, you are currently 4th in the current queue. Will get to it ASAP. I have my in-laws visiting for a week, so I wouldn’t mind hiding in my office and doing some graphics :)

Current Queue, all ETA by tomorrow, Wednesday.





General General Pony

Hey Devo. Could you make my logo better. Right now its just text. Try to keep the same style if you can :) . I know i didnt write alot but im a little tired and if i didnt give enough info pm me.

Still waiting on the logo, just making sure you remembered. No rush :)

Hey nice graphics can you also , when finished with other a logo for my game?

Hey there, it’s me. So, could you make me a Dragon Ball GUI?

Also, is it ok if you make an better version of the Dragon Ball Fusion logo, then give it to me separately from the GUI, but also put it on the GUI? Could you do that?

Here’s the current logo:


Please make the words FUSION more metalic looking and make it enhanced and advanced. And can you also take the triangle thing from the back? I’ve changed my mind. Thank you SO much. For at least reading this. If you make it, you get to be an administrator on Dragon Ball Fusion, not to mention you will be highly praised on my website (soon to be popular, I just got to do some things to edit it.)


I’m using Dx7

I’d like the buttons for the main menu to be named:

Login, Register, Credits,Website, Help and Exit.

The main menu should be just a little smaller than the original Eclipse window of the game.

The buttons for the game should be Inventory, Skills, Character, Quest, Trade, Party and Options.

The size of the game window should remain as the default size.

Thank you very much for your help! :) Please reply.

Hey mate,

My project is still a WIP and underway and i think just needs a basic menu GUI … Wouldn’t care even if it was made of wood.


But yeah… if you got some spare time on your hands then sure PM me and i’l give you something to do ;d



I have a feeling that all these requests are going to overwhelm him ha.

I’m so glad your back in business Devo. Without Robin around you can actually keep helping the community.

Hello Devo! I’ve been watching this topic since you posted it and have been thinking if I can ask you to make me graphics. You will be credited of course. I would like a logo for my project, Project TWOA found here:

Since my project is assassins vs wizards I would like a logo with a dagger and a wand crossing (making an X).

I would also like a custom GUI. Nothing special, just something that speaks wizard vs assassin.

I would be very grateful if you made these for me, thank you in advanced.

Please use my gui folder for edits as I have a couple more things than the official release:

yea he is extremely overwhelmed, i can tell he’s busy so just wait guys you will get what you want over time.

yea he is extremely overwhelmed, i can tell he’s busy so just wait guys you will get what you want over time.

We know. It’s hard to do so much work.

And he hasnt been on for 3 days soo… yea we will have to wait :)

And he hasnt been on for 3 days soo… yea we will have to wait :)

He’s probably busy with some real world things. You have to make priorities. Real life> Free services.

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