Need A Programmer

I was trying to edit engines myself but VB6 is being a communist on my computer 😞  plus I suck anyways so I need a Programmer for multiple items added and if you do a good job and in a timely dependable manner I will further use you throughout the life of my game for updates and additions, etc.

For starters some of the things I would like to request are

  • An Attack frame
  • Weapon Proficiencies:
  • One Handed

  • Two Handed

  • Ranged

  • Magic

(with increased dmg per proficiency lvl)

  • Life Skills (with proficiencies)

    • Harvesting

    • Wood Cutting

    • Mining

    • Fishing

  • Guilds (cannot harm other guild members unless in arena)

  • Global Item Shop

    Those are the main requests. If you would like to talk about them in more detail and/or discuss price, etc. Please message me on skype via [email protected]

    Thank You.

Add me on Skype officer johnson(eclipse)

pm sent 😉

Goodluck xxaden to who he picks XD 🙂

good luck to you to my friend 🙂

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