Well, I hope this becomes a sticky so not all the newbyes have to ask how to do this.

this tutorial teaches how to get your server online and let other people play it. I did this since I noticed lots of users asking about how to get your game online

Ok, lets go

first go to http://www.touchofdeathproductions.com/

next press on the downloads tab

Next click Download Total Eclipse
and click run

WinZip will open (you can download it at www.download.com)

press extract

sellect the directory where you want to put eclipse, make sure all files its checked
Press extract

Ok, now we need to instal the needed files

go in the downloads section from the downloads page

and click on neededfiles

press run, after it downloads, this should open:

Press Next

sellect I agree blah blah blah, and than press next

press next

press start

wait for it to instal than press next

press exit

Ok now the needed files have been downloaded.

Now go into the folder where you extracted eclipse

Open the server folder

run server.exe

the upgrader opened ^ , wait for it to upgrade, than press continue.
it will load some files, than you should have this :

leave it open, and go back into the folder where you installed eclipse

now open the client folder:

now the upgrader for the client opened ^
let it upgrade, than press continue

press configure

put ip and port 4001

click on, it will send you back to the main page. Now press New

give yourself a username and a password press ok

it will send you again to the main window

press login

fill in your username and pass and login

Now you have to create a new character ^

press New

give yourself a name, chose a class( at the begining theres only warrior, you can change that later)

press create new character

now select your name from the list and click use character

you are now logged in and you can play. but how do you edit the game?
close the server and the client, than go into your server folder, open the account folder, there are some files there, open the file that has your name

you will see a line sayng Access= 0 change the 0 to a 4
now you start the server , than the client, you log in,
when your in the game type /mapeditor to edit the map
this tutorial isnt ment to teach you how to edit your game, so search for another 1

ok, now lets say you learned how to edit your game, you made a cuple of maps, and you want other people to play. how do you do that?

first send the client that you have to whoever you want to play your game
you can also upload it to a website, and your friends can download it from there.

now that your friends have your client, start your server
after it loads, go to www.ipckicken.com

copy the numbers you see in the midle (in the pic that I put its
and send it to your friends. they need to start the client, press config, than put in the ip you got when you went to ipckicken, and port 4001

than they just press new to make a new char, and
than they login, the same way you did

hope this helps new people… if you need any help dont hesitate to put a question here, also ,
the people who read this tut, how much do you rate it outa 10 ?

edit: I just saw that there’s already a similar tut (think its made by baron) ah well