Hi guys, I’m looking for a file dump of vx stuff, not like one or two tilesets and a sprite. I want the biggest file dump you guys have.

Eclipse used to come with it, but when I downloaded 2.0 it only came with RPGMaker XP sprites/tiles.

VX or Bust.


Because VX stuff is not compatible with 2.0

You can convert VX tilesets to XP, or you can edit the source code to work with VX.

I can’t post a link with the resources since they are owned by Enterbrain and copyrighted, but I can suggest you to search on google “RMVX Resources”

You will find a lot of them.

Good luck!

Whoever wants this stuff and has a torrenting client (bittorrent, utorrent, etc.) you can go to HERE and use the magnet link

Close thread, I got what I wanted.

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