Updating Spells in EO3

Hi guys, so i have been using EO3 now and noticed the spells are very dated and old in terms of animations and how they operate.


Prospekt uses VX Ace animations and i think they scale when spell is cast so its not huge on the screen, i think this is also the same in Eclipse Worlds?

My question is how do i convert EO3 over?

Few things you need to research about EO in general. I’m only going to keep this brief. Get a copy of VB6 for source editing, learn, study the syntax, algorithms, and sockets etc. What you’re asking for is a intermediate modification of the source and will take a bit of brains to figure that out. If you’re lucky you may find someone that is willing to do it for free. Study how everything works in the source and it’ll all come clear to you.

I would assume you’re looking for someone to post a wall of text
of this feature but your chances are by a small fraction. Sorry to disappoint.

Edit: Another thing I left out, if you show the community of your efforts, you will have a better chance on getting what you want. Most important, is never be vague about your posts.

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