Fustrated that all the sprites you try to rip have to be remodified because they use the pure black value 0,0,0 in hard to reach places?

No fear, there’s a simple way to shift it all over 1,1,1 or more in about 2 seconds… No matter what sprites or how many of these pixels there are…

Simply go to Image > Adjustments > Selective Color

Now press the drop down menu, and go to the bottom where it says Blacks… click it, and then adjust the blacks scroller bar inside the blacks menu into the negative. Voila, every black pixel in your image has been shifted to be slightly lighter.

-1 is enough to offset the black by 3,3,3 which is unnoticeable to the human eye even zoomed up.

So you are now done, and don’t have to worry about it being too light or not right, because it will look the same.

FOOTNOTE : Make sure the background is NOT BLACK when you do this!!! Otherwise you will have to manually do the background back to 0,0,0… And that defeats the purpose of this work-around!