1. first go to your sprites.bmp and make a ball of light ect what ever you want to make players look light in a type of form of no existince.

  2. now open your class0.ini and change the sprites on male and female to the ball of light

  3. do this on all your classes

  4. now make a map thats a room and call it <race selection="">if you have multiple races if not skip to number 6

  5. in this room make a warp tile for each race and stick a notice saying To Be Human Race Step In This Warp ect

6)Make a map for each race called it for example < Human Seletion ect >. If you skiped number 5 then dont make a new map and call it <skin seletion="">.

you need to know how many skins for each race you have before contiuning im useing 6 males and 6 females skins.

  1. now you can make a room on the map 3 across and 4 down

  2. you make one of them per sprite change you will be useing

  3. after you figure out where your going to put them you stick in a sprite change near the closet way in each room.

  4. this is what mine looks light the script tiles are the gender blocks and the warps are to the humans first city. if you make another race such as an elf you would make the warps to the elfs first city.