Request EO 3.0 runtimes library

Hi guys iam using eo 3.0 but i dont have the runtimes files that causing me always get error when start the client. so if you guys have it please share it, btw i already install the eo 4.0 runtimes but still dont work with eo 3.0 😄

and Thank you 🙂

eo 4 runtimes and eo 3 are the same thing you issue is how the dx8 is rendering you need to use vb6 and when it errors click debug the case it highlights will be case 2 move it below case 3 rename case 2 and 3 and compile and it will be fixed

eo 4 and 3 runtimes are no different

hope this helps

and what about this? what should i do with this error? 😞

i just told you how don’t you know how to read…? im not trying to be an as$ but seriously

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