A Guide To The Layers
Created By: JokeOfWeek
Version 1.1

Hello everybody! Did you ever wonder what the different types of tiles ment in the map editor menu? Did you ever wonder what was the difference between Mask 1 & 2? Well, you came to the right place. Created by JokeOfWeek, the guide is both newbie-friendly and entertaining. Well, enough talking…let’s get to it!

The Different Types And Their Descriptions

–Type Name: GROUND
–Description: Ground is basicly what it’s name is. The ground. This tile is used alot for floors and such.I’d reccomend using this for walls also, since nothing will go under the walls.
-----Used For: Floors,Grass,Desert,etc.

–Description: This tile blinks, meaning it can easily be used for moving tiles, such as water and lava.
-----Used For: Water, Lave, Animated Tiles, etc.

–Type Name: MASK
–Description: You use these tiles for things that go over the floor and such. The black parts of the tiles are replaced with the ground tiles that are under the mask tile.
-----Used for:Houses, Trees, Paintings, Anything that goes on the walls or the ground, etc.

The mask option is actually at its best when making chairs as it makes it look like you are sitting in it.Also, it is useful for ladders.

–Tpye Name: FRINGE
–Description: The fringe tiles make the player go under to make an effect of reality. Such as when a player walks on a gate made with FRINGE tiles, it would look like he was under the gate!
-----Used For: Invisibilty effects , Gates, Behind trees, etc.

What goes over what?
Below is a table of what tile goes over what tile.

  • FRINGE 2 -

Goes Under

  • FRINGE 1 -

Goes Under

  • MASK 2 -

Goes Under

  • MASK 1 -

Goes Under

  • GROUND -

So Basicly, that all means :
Ground goes under Mask 1.
Mask 1 goes under Mask 2.
Mask 2 goes under Fringe 1.
Fringe 1 goes under Fringe 2.

Thank you for reading this guide and I hoped it helped you in making your server a better game Wink.