Wandering Star Needs Java coder


This is a multi-player horror style sandbox game (terraria style game play).

Wandering Star is a game that explores the possibility of a catastrophic event occurring on earth before humans were able to advance in the technological era. About 100 years after the passing of Christ, a giant meteorite/planet finds itself crashing into the planet Earth. Thankfully only certain areas on Earth were destroyed, a portion of the planet remains preserved from the impact. Not for long though. The meteorite was carrying a negative energy. Alien monsters, disease and destruction. Earth is now on a fast pace towards defeat. With darkness surrounding, the player is then faced with the challenge of survival. Gathering ingredients from the earth and crafting them into useful items is the game now. Build a house to stay alive, craft items, weapons and armor! Eventually the goal is to learn the anti gravity technology of spaceships and evacuate earth! With a spaceship you can find planets to inhabit and bring towns people with you to save humanity! There is also the option of taking over and saving earth completely. If you remove 100% of the meteorite fragments from the impact and kill off the proper alien bosses. Though, the overall goal is to venture space and inhabit new planets to discover new metals, ores, weapons and technology.


Alien Invasion - You can be abducted, try to escape the invasion or pay them off. Successful abduction brings you to another planet

Meteorite showers - Damages players, towns people and buildings on impact. On the other hand it does leaves rare space stones upon impact.

Tornado - Destroys all wood, glass, weak stone,and plants leaving a trail of destruction. Very low chance of occurrence.

Rainbow -If it rains before or during sunshine the game will produce a rainbow. Rainbows produces a 5% chance of spawning a leprechaun on one of two sides of the map. The Leprechaun can be killed to receive a pot of gold or other Mega-rare items.

Wishing Star/Shooting Star - Has a low chance of occurring, if it does player gets to wish for one item and receive it.

This game is still in very early development. Release date not set. Java programmer needed, email me at [email protected]

Well, this looks awesome! Keep up the work

Thanks, the plan is to use the epic inventor open source work to use as a base for my game. I need to find someone skilled in java to expand upon this base work. This most likely isn’t the proper community to be searching for a java coder, but you never know.

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