Fool’s How To: Make good Screenshots

Ok everyone out there, The Wise Fool here to give you all a lesson in making a good Screenshot. Yes, yes, I know that many of you think it’s very simple, and in fact it is. You simply press the Print Screen Button, and paste it in Paint, or Photoshop, or whatever you may use to edit the screenshot. Though, there is a better way to make you screenshots better by:

  • Title
  • Signatures
  • Size
  • Clean up


I always find screenshots better when giving them a title. It gives it more appeal, and will fill in empty space, something that few, if any, like. So, add a title to the map

Here’s a good example:

Just something simple is fine, but you can always add more graphics to it if you want.


Imagine that you just finish a great map, and you post a screenshot on the forums to show off. Then, later on you’re on another forum, or on a website that your map is on it, and they take the credit for it! You’re PO’ed, but you can’t really prove it’s yours! I learned that hard way with some art that did, but I had proof it was mine. I put my signature in a place, hidden so they couldn’t find it to remove it. This is very simple to do in Photoshop, but in Paint, you’ll have to be more creative. Here’s what you do; Open your Screenshot in Photoshop, or any other software that has Opacity tool and layers. Make a new layer for your Signature, something simple and easy to hide. I use my initials.

My Signature:

Now that you have a Signature, time to resize it and hide it where people can’t find it easily. Also, its always good to hide a few of your sigs so people can’t find them.

Can you Find my Signature(s)?:

If you didn’t find them, here they are:

Now, your protected from those glory stealers! Now on with the show!


When editing your screenshot, you might want to think about what size it should be. If you use the F12 game screenshot, then you can just skip this because it’s already the right size. If your doing the traditional screenshot, then you’ll need to edit the size. The size should be set to at least 634 pixels wide by 479 pixels high, after you crop all the extra crap off. So its nice and big, plus its just the right size for the internet.


(I know, its all the same size, just for the slow of mind)

Clean up

Now, after all that, its time to review:

  • Did you make the title nice add easy to read?
  • Are there any areas that are pixelly?
  • Is the size big enough to see, but small enough for the internet?
  • Are my signatures hard to find, but not impossible to find?
  • Does it look good?

If you said no to any of these, you need to correct it. Always Double, if not Triple check if everything is nice and clean. That way, you don’t look like a Fool. I hope this helps a few people, heck if it helps at least one person, I’ve done my job.

Got any questions? Then ask! Don’t be shy, I won’t bite… if you don’t.