Transparent Chatbox

Hello lovely community!

Again i have a problem, i want to make my chatbox drawn on screen with a semi transparent background in DX8 (EO3.0)

i did manage to make the richtextbox where the chat is show transparent, but ofc course he is behind the picScreen cause DXRender over everything 😛

so i tried many stuff loading png with a png gdi etc etc, but now i cant anymore, my brain is dead, so i ask you guys for a solution

how i can draw the chat on screen with a semi transparent background like this

I would assume you are using a EO 3.0 that supports DX8. I would first recommend that you get rid of the ugly picturebox and render everything on to the form. Find "RenderTexture
" without the quotes and carefully study how it works. My advice is to play around with it until you get an idea on how to use it. If you get this far you’ll eventually find yourself removing tons of crap in frmMain. Good luck.

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