Alright, I’m tired of seening people going “I R makng game plz hlp :P” or “PLEZE PLAY MY GAME” and then they wonder why no one helps out or plays. So inorder to help out some of the population of Eclipse, I will tell you how to make a good Help Wanted/Advertising post.

Part One

The Post Skeleton (For those who want a fill-in-the-blanks post)

Game Name (Come up with something good) -
Description (If you cant come up with 4 long sentences, then dont even bother with a game) -
Story (If long, just give a small part of it) -
Screenshots (A must have) -
Website (If you dont have one, get one NOW) -
Positions needed to be filled (If you have any)-
Contact Info (Not needed, but very useful)-

Part Two

Making your game look good

Section One: The Game Name

Ok, this is a major area that most people screw up on. The fisrt thing most potential helpers/players will see is your game’s name and if it sucks, then they wont look.
Use a diffrent language (Latin works great)
Come up with a unique name
Useing Age/World/Land of Something
Copyrighted names

Section Two: The Description/Story

Simple rule: If you cant write a good size paragraph about your game, work on your concept.
Have a unique idea
Use good gramar and descriptive language
Vauge description
Over used ideas

Section Three: Screenshots and websites
Screenshots; they let people see what your game looks like. You’ll have more people interested in your game if you have screenshots

Websites, a good website shows you are commited to your game. A fourm on your site allows you to keep in touch with the masses. A download link makes your game open to the masses. Freewebs is good if you dont know html, but for the love of god, DON’T USE FREEWEBS TO HOST DOWNLOADS!!! is good if you want a free domain name, but some borwsers dont support it.

Part Three


Tilesets and nonpaperdoll items

Sprite Generater (Must be resized and aligned)