Person Above Thread

Person Above Thread Example I Make a Post

I say something about myself the person above and I leave a question for the person below. You can onyl post once a day in here or I will scramble your post mwahahahahhaha

^Does not exist
<knows alanspike="" stole="" his="" msn="" avi<br="">VWill wreak revenge on alanspike for me</knows>

^Really hates maths,
<win win="" win<br="">V  :huh:</win>

<gay<br>v faggot</gay<br>

^ needs a psicologist
< so not a faggot
v trouble with his girlfriend (lol i said g.i.r.l.f.r.i.e.n.d.)

I was looking around and saw a thread like this in one of the other forums, which then prompted me to go back and see what my first sentence actually was, and I though it’d be fun to try here. 🙂

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^ Sending email to another member.
< Viewing unread topics since their last visit.

Logging into the forum.
V Viewing the board index of Eclipse.

^ needs a girlfriend
< gaining post points
v getting ready for sleep

^ getting post points stolen
< bored
v Goofy

^ still bored
< Sora
v Donald

^ Sora
< Xehanort
v Cloud Strife

^ Roxas
< Sora final form
v pedobear -> :renzo:

^ Pedobear experience
< Facebook adict
v high on weed

^ Needs to get out more
< Is High on weed
v Needs better weed…

^ needs to leave the weed
< needs to get better weed
v is Justin Bieber

^likes justin beiber
< still has no posts
v is so bored that they’re replying to this post

^ has no posts
< in fact is bored
v prob has more than one post

^ is very bored
<likes dobby<br="">v  :lipsrsealed:</likes>

^is dobby
< ;D
V :huh:

^  :icon_surprised:
<  :icon_music:
V  :icon_fsm:


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