Dx8 water reflection system

made this for a challenge someone put me, hope you find it interesting

Sexy, good job!

Hey that’s pretty slick!

Not bad, the only thing I see wrong with it is that the movement is blocky, you didn’t include the walking into the reflection so it just appears there, but really great job, well done 🙂

you can use youtube’s speed function, and see it in slow-mo before saying stuff like that lol

I’ll correct myself, when you walk away from the water going up, it looks like the image disappears rather than walks out, might just be my eyes, and when you walk to the left from those corners, it looks a lot like the reflection just disappears. Again, might just be my eyes, but that’s what I’m seeing so I thought I’d share lol, still a lot better then I’ll ever do 🙂

I only did the algorithm for the right movement so you’re right on the ‘leaving to the left seeming blocky’ XP, other than that it’s all smooth I think

Will this eventually be open source, or no?

Wow that looks really nice. Definitely a nice touch to add that extra bit of immersion.

Looks amazing! a tutorial would be nice  😛

I’m selling it, so if you’re interested pm me for more info

Would you really need an algorithm for this? Mirroring the sprite and reducing its alpha masking would get you a very similar result. The only thing you’d need to calculate is which parts of your upside-down sprite touch the water tile. (It also saves a ton of hassle with animations as you just mimic the existing sprite, which already has the right animation frame)

taken from wikipedia

In mathematics and computer science, an algorithm is a self-contained step-by-step set of operations to be performed. Algorithms exist that perform calculation, data processing, and automated reasoning.

in this case

calculate which parts of your upside-down sprite touch the water tile

answering your question “Would you really need an algorithm for this?” yes xP

Fair enough, but I do not consider a basic “If Pixel X touches Pixel Y display Pixel X” much of an algorithm. Makes it sound far more complex than it really is. (You could simplify it further by just having a box where it displays negating the need for pixel based logic)

Somewhere here in eclipse…

Mount System
$45 USD

System is only based in cropping the player sprite and rendering it above a mount sprite, if people would pay for that why wouldn’t they pay for a more complex system ?

Anyways, if you’re not interested in aquiring it, please refrain from posting.

As for the “that algorithm is too simple” talk, this is WYSIWYG, if you can make this system or better, good for you, but I’m selling the code I made for people who want to have this system in their engine.

Whoa, that looks real nice. Good job man. I’m guessing, you get the sprite, laterally invert it, reduce the alpha, and render it. But where would you squeeze the rendering in so that it becomes a part of the actual map, without interrupting the flow of the rendering of the map? 😮

p.s I don’t think you’d actual tell me because this system is paid and stuff, but it’s worth a try 😛

This is awesome, nice job!

Thank you 🙂

nop x) @abhi

I was entirely wrong? 😮 Well, I’m guessing my way would work as well, idk.

I meant about the “I don’t think you’d actual tell me” xP

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