Some Cliche Steampunk Game Name Here (Possibly Project Clockwork)

I’m currently working on a game, that i’ve pretty much entirely been coding from scratch. Now before I bore you with chat here’s what the game is about/includes/will include:

Recent Updates:
Restarted code because of issues with organization. Will have dev team together soon to all work on this at once. Hopefully. Until then its just me working on code.

Shut up and tell me about the storyline:

#Insert Spoiler Here
Humanity has destroyed earth. From pollution and war. As an act of desperation they fled. Taking what resources they had from earth, and nearby planets and using them to design a fully functioning self sustained ecosystem. The planet’s mechanical infrastructure stretching all the way down to the core allowing for complete and entire re-creation in case of human failure. However, the surface looks like that of earth. And after thousands of years, the inhabitants had entirely forgotten about their losses and even forgotten about the planet they where standing on’s main function. 
Now on a day like any other, the earth starts to shake. and the land opens up. showing the planets insides. And revealing the clockwork innards of the massive ship. The planet has began its re-creation cycle and it’s your job to figure out why and stop it. Before it kills everyone.

Game Play:

#insert another spoiler here
Game play is similar to that of your standard dungeon crawler. As you go deeper into the planet, the difficulty increases, and as you get closer to the surface, things get easier. Complete with randomly generated dungeons and a guaranteed different path every time. With huge hoards of enemies and 7 different classes to chose from the play ability is limitless. With an uncountable amount of enemies and enough ranged/close range/magic style attacks a persons play style could be of any type.

Current/Planned Features:

Current features:

I restarted the code tonight, was having organization issues. Will be back up to pace soon.
Planned Features:

  • Multiplayer done by the end of next week.
  • All player models complete and most of surface done by end of next month.
  • Two more control sets (XInput, and keyboard/mouse) (the current control set is similar to binding of isaacs, wasd and arrow keys)
  • about 10 thousand more items.
  • A hud
  • and artwork to show here.
  • 7 classes to chose from.
  • Randomly generated dungeons.
  • Smart(ish) ai.
  • A complete skill set for each character
  • and enough code to make Ahbi’s eyes roll back in his head.

Artwork and Other Media:

None yet, but should have some soon.


#too many spoilers that i need.
Myself for artwork, coding, and music.
My close friend travis (xWarlord) working on 3d modeling.
My close friend jon (BlackPhantom) beta/alpha testing for me.
And my friend from school Jeremy Syron (Hazard) with coding/concept art and design.