**Download the file here: **http://www.xershade.ca/files/file/1-ips-connect-for-net/
**Download the source code here: **http://www.xershade.ca/files/file/2-ips-connect-for-net-source-code/

This little library allows .NET applications to create an IPS Connect slave application allowing user login validation and management from an existing IPS application.

To use this simply create a reference to the library “XS.IPSConnect.dll” then create a new slave application object by using the following code:

ipsSlave ips = new ipsSlave("yourmasterurl", "yourmasterkey");

Please note that the master key is optional but you will not be able to register or change accounts on the master application without it.

You can then use the following methods to interact with the master application, .Login().Register().Change(). Each returns a response object that you can then use to view and use the data returned in the response.

Final note, this is simply a request-response API and does not offer account data storage of any kind nor will it ever do this.