What is Old World?

Old World will be an online open world exploration game with treasure, monsters and more treasure!

How far have you got on the project?

I’ve got to the point where i’ve downloaded the skywyre engine, made some graphics and started working on the new UI and some new game mechanics to give it more of a “JRPG Feel”.

What’s unique about Old World?

The game will have an overworld like the old final fantasy games where walking will cause random battle encounters and teleport your character to a map where you fight monsters.
You will be able to travel the seas and fly in the sky with your airship!
There will be a wide sortiment of classes as well as being able to switch classes and save your progress on your old class.
Players will be able to claim pieces of the land for themselves and their guild.
Leveling up your first class will be done through the main story.

Content sneak-peek


! Character sprite template and temporary tileset. Removing the main buttons from the screen as i’m reworking the UI.
Also fixing up the hotbars so they actually fit in the UI. lol.
Unfinished UI that comes up when you press ESC. You won’t be able to interact with item and spell menus in combat, so put a maximum of 8 items or abilities on your hotbar.

Old World’s original soundtracks can be found [[/color]HERE]


! Replace (adventurer) with your chosen player name.
! The plot revolves around (adventurer).  A supposed amnesiac who washed up on the shores outside the town of Lum. (adventurer) enters the nearest town of Lum. (adventurer) is quickly overcomed with nausea and a mind-piercing headache as he faints. (adventurer) wakes up in a castlebed, with a beauty leaning over his bed, fast asleep at his side. As though natural, he gets out of the bed and is struck with two thoughts: Where am i? What happened?
! The sleeping beauty wakes up, rubs her eyes and utters a name; (adventurer)?
! The headache runs wild again. “(adventurer)?”. Who’s “(adventurer)?”. The beauty explains to (adventurer) that his name is indeed (adventurer). After all, it said so in the ID that was in his uniform. “(adventurer)…” Echoes through his mind. It’s his name. Why of course, how could he ever forget the name his parents gave him?
! The beauty introduces herself as the princess of Lum and tells (adventurer) that she found him at the gates of town when on a stroll. Everybody was avoiding the poor adventurer lying face down in the dirt, so she took him in, even though the king was very against it. But knowing how stubborn she was, the king let (adventurer) sleep in the castle.
! There’s a ruckus in the castle halls. (adventurer) and the princess look at each other, both wearing a puzzled look. The door bursts open.
! “A bird? A bird-looking… thing?”, exclaims (adventurer).
The bird just stares at (adventurer) with an intense look, the tension growing stronger and stronger every millisecond that passes.
“W-wha-” (adventurer) is cut off.
“I-it’s one of them! We’ve found one of them!”, the bird stutters while hyperventilating.
! The king runs in with his servant, both panting.
! “What’s with all the commotion?”, says the king while trying to birdch his breath.
! The bird, eyes still fixated on (adventurer), utters the same words again.
“I-it’s one of them!”
! The king’s heart skips a beat. Did he really just hear what he thinks he did?
“Are you sure?”, the king tries to ask, but is cut off half-way.
! It’s explained that the bird is a rare species born only when global birdastrophes are about to occur. The bird can also prophesize how to prevent the birdastrophe from happening.
“This is one of the people that will destroy the warplague!”, the bird shouts triple-exclamatively.
! The king and the bird explain the warplague is a plague created by an vengeful god that is killing the earth and infecting people. Although the disease spreading to people as well is rare, but if nothing is done, the chance of it spreading to humans will increase exponentionally, ultimately destroying the both the planet and the human race.
! The bird explains that to stop the warplague, you have to find eight spirits with great influence on history, find the heart of the world and bring them there to pray. Only then will the planet be vaccinated against the plague and ultimately with nowhere to go, the plague will be destroyed.
! Filled with a sense of duty, (adventurer) decides to head out to find these eight spirits. Just as (adventurer) is about to leave, the princess shouts
The princess asks (adventurer) to take her with him on his journey, but the king strictly protests knowing it’s a dangerous journey, for the fear of his daughter’s life.
She makes a speech about how she can’t just stand around and do nothing while (adventurer) risks his life to protect the planet and humanity.
“I have to help. I can take care of myself. I’m not weak. I can’t let more people fall victim to the warplague!”
But the king still persists. She was not going to leave on that journey. Absolutely not.
The princess sighed and looked down in defeat.
“Okay, then… Father…”
! The princess headed up the stairs and back into her room.
! The king and the bird now give the player a tutorial on controls, commands, how to fight and abilities.
At the end of the tutorial, the princess comes running down the stairs dressed differently with a bag on her back.
She runs past the king and the bird and grabs (adventurer) by his arm, tugging him along with great speed.
“<princessname>!!!>”, the king shouts, his facial expression filled with both surprise and anger.
! You are now taken outside the town in the overworld, where the princess says that her aunt knows about one of the spirits and that they should visit her.
! The story is now divided into 7 arcs. Why 7 and not 8? There are plot twists. If you’d like to hear them, i can spoil it for you :)</princessname>


Nope. No updates so far.

Working on the overworld. 🙂

Reminds me of old school Final Fantasy. I like it.

It looks pretty cool, it’d be funny if after the 100th person joined, the bird and everyone was just like, yep, another one, go save our world, (adventurer). Not like we didn’t have enough already, but maybe you’ll speed things up. Lol, but I think the story is interesting and the graphics are nice.

The first time somebody ever complimented my graphics wow
I guess it really pays off to spend time on graphics, huh.

Progress on the JRPG menu

You’re not original Kart

Looks awesome! Can I test?

I AM the original kart.
Are you special or something?

I playd this http://www.eclipseorigins.com/thread-458.html

I think your older graphics was better and I actually liked that game 😕
I’m sorry to tell but I like your older work than your rework

I will still check this out thought, are you still developing this?

// Jeppe

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