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Donations are used for in game custom graphics and later on features. I have spent a considerable amount already and would really love some help financially!

Hello and welcome to my DB theme MMO page!

So I have been building this MMO and now it has become a large vibrant world to explore!

The story has been something I have been thinking about for some time now, My idea is to have a place to start and from that point your mission will be to save various planets from invasion from enemies from all over the galaxy! This game is heavily themed from the series Dragonball so expect some similarities along the way!


-Beam Attacks
-Teleport Attack


I’m setting up the class system with 2 initial starting options,


- All round Damage class


- Specialist in Buffs and Heals


Looking good so far I have been looking for a new 2D DB mmo for awhile now

Looks nice. Did you do those sprites yourself?

Thanks! I have a paid pixel artist 🙂

Im also looking for mappers that know the DBZ series.

Update - World Map Added

What tilesets are you using? are that Free Royalty Tiles? xD

Hey all tiles are mack, buildings I have done myself that are DBZ theme 🙂

This looks like it has great potential! I just hope you actually go through with it, I’ve seen a lot of fan games taken down not long after starting up. However, considering you have a paid artist for the sprites, I’m thinking you’ll do better than the rest!

Looks really good! Reminds me of the old GBA games. 🙂 Will it play anything like them?

I’m hoping so, I played GBA games over and over! Im gonna try and make multiple areas of 25 maps with various directions to take 1 leading correctly to a boss. Bosses will be free roaming for multiple players to fight in a party. Game progression will be based on quests leading to bosses.

Eh. So far all I’ve seen is 3 ‘custom’ sprites and no features whatsoever. What are some features that the game has?

I have about 10 custom sprites now from the DBZ world, custom features that are in development now are - transformation to SSJ, Beam style attacks and Ki projectile spells stay tuned for more info as its developed

But its not in? So as of right now you have 10 sprites and no features. However, I do like your sprites, but those are not made by you. Just wondering what you bring to the table if you can’t program and cant make graphics. That’s why I’m not excited, but feel free to prove me wrong.

I’m a little confused, there is more to games than graphics and features, I’m really good at mapping and content. Most people use eclipse engines with the standard rpg maker sprites and have fun games because of content and story.

Looks promising, keep it up! I like that map system, it looks interesting 🙂 Nice graphics. Can’t wait to play!

Quick Update guys - Central City is mapped

New area Red Ribbon army base almost complete - you will have to work your way through 3 levels of the HQ to the roof for the final boss

Mapping is looking good 😃

So any news on this? The graphics are pretty good. Got into developing some of the features yet?

Hi, yes features are in development now, we have seen a good portion of time smoothing out the engine and potentially increasing player amounts through compression etc

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