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Hello everyone!
My name is Lucas, knowed on internet as “boasfesta”, actually im doing Analysis and Development of Systems and Computer Science university, also i teach Game Programming on a professional school here in Brasil. Worked with games a long time in my life, launch games a thousand times and keep servers online for most than years.

A lot of people come to ask me for systems in my country, i also sell some of them for interested people, so i come here to show my work for you guys, considering that i dont have too much clients from other countries already.

I can sell great quality systems for you and for a good price, also i make a budget to keep you aware of your buy and have a prize of 7 days for each system.

Here is some of my portfolio:

  1. My actual project: Universo Z, also his appearance first time on a stage in Ribeirão Preto and the second time on Campinas - SP
  2. Shenlong System
  3. Transport system
  4. Transformation system
  5. Combat system
  6. New NPC/BOSS AI
  7. Interactive Menu

Sorry for just have videos about my project… but a lot of people become inspiring on it and think on system for his games. The above systems and much more can be did on any type of game as long and how as you want.

Also im selling my old DBZ engine for beginners, for who is interested, the engine was online for 3 years and have no problems during this time, the price become 3,5x lower when converted for USD$ and for full payment you get 5% of discount in total value: DBZ Elite (Sorry for the Portuguese)

Anyway, i just require payment for making systems, but i offer help for free and whenever you want, so you can add me for asking questions and get some tips, i will be very greateful to help.
For infos and contact, PM me or add on skype (On my profile).
Thank you for your attemption!

Nice systems! Hope you’ll get business b/c those are good.

Thanks man! I saw your shop too, just taking advantage of this reply to say your job is awesome! 🙂

Thanks ? Appreciate it


the price become 3,5x lower when converted for USD$

not sure if money works like this

Just because i informated the value on R$, so this way the people dont get confused.

Respond to my pm please 🙂

Interested I sent u a PM and added on Skype 🙂

Everyone replied and accepted on skype! 🙂

Sent u a message on skype if its working 🙂

Up!  😄

Up this topic! 🙂

Can you make a dragon quest style turn based battle system by chance? Ive been looking around but havent found anyone willing to make one for a project im doing between a few friends. The idea is a Dragon Quest style game for nostalgic reasons. Ive been checking with some people about the spriting and about some other programming but still looking for the BS. Kinda trying to throw this little project together so we can present it to one of our friends whos a huge fan on his birthday.

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