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Hello Everyone,

A while back, I wanted to start a project of mine. I didn’t know much coding for Eclipse Origins, but I did know web development. So I decided to start “Cookie Collectors”, a name which isn’t for sure yet, but something I could make fast for a placeholder for the title. It will most likely change to something more unique. Now I’ve been brought up that this sounds like some cookie game similar to it, I have never played this so I did not get any idea from it, and I have not made the attempt to research it to keep it that way. Cookie Collectors is a web based game that will also be easily playable on mobile.


! The main objective is to collect cookies through completing puzzles, equations, and reacting quickly through cookie mania. Or play the official game mode which is a huge puzzle followed by a trivia story line. Once you finish this this game mode will be unavailable (it is kind of like the story mode).
! As you collect cookies you gain ranks, which stay - even if you lose cookies, which happens by either buying profile skins or you lose cookies on the 1st of every month.
! Each person from at the top of each rank will win a prize at the end of the month (on the 30th), a very cool prize depending on your rank division. Below is a list of each rank minimum requirement. If you have the highest amount of cookies in that rank at the end of the month, you will earn the prize listed.
! The maximum cookie collection is 100,000 until it is literally surpassed. Once it is surpassed a new prize will be added and the person to surpass 100,000 will get to have a say in the next rank’s name.
! * Newbie (0-999) - Prize: None

  • Recruit (1,000-4,999) - Prize: Exclusive Profile Skin
  • Cookie Dough (5,000-9,999) - Prize: Name Skin
  • Hot Cookies (10,000-24,999) - Prize: Platinum Icon
  • Cookie Hero (25,000-49,999) - Prize: Exclusive Community Global Skin
  • Cookie King (50,000-74,999) - Prize: Community Sorcerer Power (For 1 Month)
  • Cookie Crumbs (75,000-100,000) - Prize: $10 Gift Card-$25 Gift Card


! These images are not set, it is only set for testing, and any edits will be made during testing. It was just a simple format I could put together for now.
! Game Menu

! Profiles (So far), don’t know how much will be added to them

! Very Basic outline for the Wiki

That’s all for now,

Recruitment Post

Since this is a non-eclipse project, I will just post the Recruitment information in a reply.

Cookie Collectors is different…in multiple ways from RT games, as it is more of a puzzle game to earn stats and compare. However, moderation and development is still required, and that is where the staff team will come in.

Information about working for CC

  • It is completely voluntary, this project will have no funding and is being paid by me out of my pocket, so there’s no way I can pay a staff team.
  • Staff get a [GM] tag in front of their name anywhere they chat, post, or are listed on the game/website.
  • Staff get a second profile separate from their normal profile to explain their job, what they do, and a staff biography if you wish. Instead of /@Name their staff profile will be /$Name, however they will still have their regular profile for their own personal gaming if they wish to play. (There would be no way for staff to get any advantage).
  • All staff will be able to moderate, however specific moderators will be chosen for the forums and wiki.
  • Staff may participate in the cookie championship to earn prizes as they wish, as they are not able to get any advantage.


  • 1-2 General Moderators (Basically a global moderator - Game, Wiki, and Forum)
  • 1 Community Manager (Manage the community, moderators, and host events)
  • 1-2 Forum Moderators (Moderate the forums - now they are custom forums - so you are not technically qualified if you say you’ve moderated a specific forum, we may have similar features - but they will not be the same)
  • 1-2 Wiki Moderators & Writers (Write and moderate the Wiki, as there will be a commenting section)
  • 1 Asst. Game Manager (Basically assisting Yuko manage the game)

Apply by contacting me on here, please send whatever you can to show you are decently qualified for the position. This is a web-based game if you have not read the post yet.

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