[@All][Suggestion] Donation Benefits

Just an idea that I have tossed around here and there. No one likes ads on the site. I am referring to the Google ads/AdChoices, whatever. We all know, that especially with adblockers becoming more and more prominent you aren’t making that much off of them.  Why not make a progress bar appear on the site at the beginning of each month for donations and if X amount is met, then you disable ads for the following month or something? That would be a good way to cover server costs and get rid of annoying ads.


Just use adblock. It works. No crying involved. It takes 3 seconds to install.

I do. Not crying. I think it would benefit the way the community looks for those who don’t have adblock or can’t get it (ie: mobile devices - forced ie users) and it could bring more money in. What’s not to like?

JC’s suggestion is actually a good one, cause the people who don’t want the adds will be a bit more likely to donate

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