Cyrus Mockup

Here is some of my graphics for the game im working on.

Dirt tiles pretty obviously, grass could benefit from being a little more grassy. The black outlines are meh, you might want to change them to a dark color from the palette or maybe shaded black.

Your trees’ foliage has no depth. The top left area is just as dark as the bottom right. Unless light was coming from everywehere at once, this is not how it should be. Choose an angle for light to come from(I often use top left), and shade keeping that in mind. You should probably have one or two more colors in that tree to use as highlights for the parts of trees where the light hits most, and then a dark color for where the tree doesn’t get hit by light.

Also, your tree trunks are pillowshaded. You can fix this by choosing a light source and shade with that in mind.

Your door has too much going on in my opinion. Knock off one of those shades, change the bottom section to be more similar to the top 2 thirds, then see how it looks.

Good start, keep working.

Oh, looks like that’s a custom character sprite too. The legs should start a couple pixels further up, but not bad.

I like it, but the roof seems a bit weird to me. 🙂


I like it, but the roof seems a bit weird to me. 🙂

Ya i got to fix it looks a tiled.



Ok im fixing the trees right now and taking the lightest colour off the door

Roof sometimes tiles and sometimes doesn’t?


Roof sometimes tiles and sometimes doesn’t?

AKA me being lazy i fixed may post progress on my new tiles later.

You need to add some shading to the brick wall also the dirt needs to look more deep and teh grass to be well more grasy also the tree trunk haves some pillow shading to it and thats bad also you need to redo the leafs on the tree they don’t have any shading and they look bad also the roof the dirt and the grass look tiled.The door is badly pixeld and shaded the INN sign is ok the sprite muscles look ugly the legs should be a little longer.But its not bad if this is your first try and i hope you improve.

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