Storm-Online from an Childrendream to a Game

Hello everyone, me and my crew working on a MMORPG game with the game Storm-online.

! (Sarusdor the maincity of the storm-world)

(When you die, you land here)

The Forest near Sarusdor

(Near of the Snakepit/Temple)

(In the Snakepit/Temple)

! We have a team often talk about the available classes.
! “How many are supposed to be?”
“What should it be what classes?”
“What are the specific skills to be?”
! These questions and many more, we have constantly asked us … Not only because due to the different interests, but also because the game balance.
! Well first we so chose:
There will be a starter class. This is the Page. In the first levels is one the whole control, fighting and says so on. This means simply that you play the tutorial.
From level 10 you will then choose one of the 3 main classes: Warrior, Thief or Magician.
From the moment the game starts properly. Depending on the selection of the class you will be teleported to another location. There you completed quests, which match the selected category.
From level 35 you will be through various quests have the opportunity to obtain a subclass.
! These are:

Each subclass gives you the opportunity to use new equipment to be able to take specific quests and of course to use new skills.
! Of course, the subclasses also have all their specialized pages.
! For the Paladin is a class that has a lot of protection and other heals while the Swordmaster goes more to the attack.
! When the thief, we are not quite sure how it should proceed. The archer is obviously ranged. Thus even obtained a new base attack. The robber is someone who poisoned other and with such attacks and fights. The Assassin makes for bleeding wounds, but is longer in stronger attacks than DoT (Damage over Time).
! How already recognizes the magician, this can decide between the “sacred” and the “dark” side. While the priest focuses on healing and strengthening of group members, the necromancer conjures up his dead and strengthens them for the battle.
! The various new skills, which could then be acquired by the new subclass that look like this:
As Assassin you have to attack “cross-cut”, which has a loss of 3,000 HP, which at the opponent a huge damage wreaks by this turn quickly. But but the mana cost is then very high.
The robber, however, has the attack “Spin Blade”, which has a damage of 750 HP, but meets several opponents and this poisoned well for a while.
! These two attacks are just examples to illustrate and understand how the system will run. You see that the Assassin can be very strong against certain opponents, but may have problems with this several. The robber takes maybe four times as long as the Assassin to defeat his opponent, but it can also do several at once. Therefore choose your class instance)
! That’s it with the brief information about the available classes.
! Finally, something very important that I have an extra omitted to avoid misunderstandings: We will not use in Storm Online named “class”, but replace the word, for example, by “fate bond”.
! With new information, we will re-post what!
We would appreciate your opinions, suggestions and feedback! 😄

This game has many stories, you can choose one of them!


-We have on our site a cashpoints system you can earn 50 on registration and by posting etc.
The coins can be used in the Game for extra hairstyles or Colors for Equipmentscrolls etc.

-For Females: We have extra shops where you can buy extra Girld Equipment.(Kawaii xD)

-A REALLY BIG World! i dont know how many Maps would come, but we have over 120 Already.

The World:

That are the areas planned, but we have more such skyland etc.
**>! Red markers on the map are teleportation gates, they bring you to any Mackierten points on the map. (Can cause by type of teleportation costs.)
Blue marks are instances in which her bosses and monsters Kloppen can to fulfill quests or just to farms or levels.
Green means good and well-meaning security on these markers you can find the cities where you can replenish your supplies, or simply drinking a Met only connected with your friends.
Black is the color most instances, so far there is only one, but gradually you will discover more.

! Do you want to help us?
register on the site and show your support there, when u want to help by mapping or graphics ask!
We need everytime help.
! Thanks to:
Sky for his engine.

It looks amazing. Keep up the good work. 😄

Wow this looks so good! The tiles are just so smooth and curved, it doesn’t even look like an Eclipse game. 😄

Hmm, maybe I’ll finally learn german.

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