So, I’m finally posting this, I could at first because I didn’t have permission, and then didn’t because I was lazy, but I am now.

This is set up similarly to my DX8 fullscreen where I commented “fullscreen” into the code wherever I made an edit. I won’t go over all the details of this, but the system is that you can drag the client to any size, but you can’t go smaller than the base size. The system also doesn’t stretch the screen, it increases the view range (if you go bigger than the map, the map will be in the lower right corner and black will take up the empty area (it’s not a huge issue, but worth mentioning).

For all of you coders out there who might wonder why I coded it the way I did, I did it because it works, and now that it’s all working, I’ll be going back and fixing my screw ups and resource wasting. So I’ll update this thread/engine when I get the time, and when I move fullscreen code, I’ll add a comment of “fullscreen deleted” in the comment so you can delete it.