Looking for some good anime


Pokemon (The first season is my fav, + the fact that it never ends… Lost track after D&P)

Ooh, forgot to mention. Fell to utter shit for the Black/White seasons (especially the movies), so just skip that monstrosity entirely, but the X/Y seasons have been excellent.


Sword Art Online 1&2 (I love the idea of VR, I hear everyone hate on this one, but it has a really cool story. I’m a big reader, read the novels as well)

I think the main reason is how the first season just u-turned in story entirely. It changed from what was a great action-packed series into some dull uninspired questionable romance. People expected reaching the upper levels to be exciting, and they just opted for time-skips instead. Couldn’t even finish SAO, it just got that boring.

i actually liked SAO, second season was kind of iffy but i did enjoy it

A couple anime to recommend:
Grisaia No Gaijitsu
Rokka No Yuusha
Shingeki No Bahamut
Ao No Exorcist

I forgot about Basilisk and X. Both a bit depressing, but worth watching at least once.

I don’t know if it was already mentioned, but attack on titan. It’s good and it’s gory, too.

this anime has only like 12 episodes, dub or sub, but is really good. Involves games(not one particular game, like all games e.g chess to video games). The main characters, Sora and Shiro, are brother and sister. They are like the smartest gamers in the world, I haven’t seen anyone smarter. Whoever made this anime is awesome, but he/she puts to much nudity in it. If you don’t like nudity, then don’t watch this anime(of course it doesn’t show the disgusting innopropriate stuff, you know what I mean). This is a great anime, and season will come out soon(or might be already out, I don’t know). It also involves a lot of perving, so be cautious(lol).

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