VB6 IDE errors on open / debug / compile

Hey, so I took an older engine, did some stuff on another computer, moved stuff to a usb, wiped this computer and then installed vb6 again.

Here are my issues in order that they appear.


I had this error before when I was programming in vb6, pressing okay on this didn’t stop me from being able to load the project/change code/debug or compile, so I just worked with it as it was a minor inconvenience on opening the IDE.

This error is brand new. I did a few of the cmd “solutions” as mentioned on Google and nothing.

This error goes back to and is probably caused by the OLE automation error, just a minor inconvenience really.

After clicking ok, this pops up, again this is new, contents of the frmmain.log are below, however the contents of this file seems to vary between 1-6 different lines of errors, this is the one that appeared at the time of writing this.

Line 1254: Class RichTextLib.RichTextBox of control txtChat was not a loaded control class.


This pops up when I click the debug button.

The game opens to frmmenu and I can click login/register/credits/exit - when I login or create a character and proceed to log in I’m greeted by an issue with my text box (which I believe is related to the above txtChat.)

Upon clicking ok to the above error, I am taken to the code that’s now causing trouble (whereas it didn’t before.)

Any help with this would greatly be appreciated. I have a busy work schedule and real world responsibilities, so I lack the free time to devote more than a few hours per week on this (it’s the first time I’ve had time since July to work on this project.) I’m now one hour in to a whole 8 hours I’ve managed to steal away for programming only to be greeted with this.

Installing the library files should do the trick or atleast the RichTextBox control.

Yep! I’ve had that issue as well. Just do what PD said 😉

Did what was suggested and it didn’t work.

I gave up attempting to fix it on my win7 system and decided to run it via a virtual machine.
Runs fine on an XP VM.

as it said on the error log

Line 1254: Class RichTextLib.RichTextBox of control txtChat was not a loaded control class.

RichTextbox component isn’t added



Check the RichTextBox, and press Ok

delete your current txtChat and add a RichTextBox and name it txtChat

that should fix this problem

Topic is old and problem is fixed, thanks.

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