Duck Revenge - iOS/Android Poo-Dodging Game

Pics? I don’t have a phone or anything but I’d still love to see it 😄

Edited Main Post Mohenjo! 🙂

Ignore the ugly programmer art. I wanted to capture the inspiration from the original NES Duck Hunt, so I used the sprites as a reference. I’m no artist by any means.  I feel I captured that retro-feel quite well though. The game is slightly addictive which always works in the developers favor as well.

We’ll see if it actually makes any money worth mentioning!

This looks really nice and I plan on getting it once Apple finishes reviewing it! 😄

I archieved score 184. With better effects it can be popular game. Add some animation wheh poop falls to gr0und, and not only silently disappearing.

Nice! I can only get to 169 or so.

Good suggestions on the splatter animation. I’ve since changed it from 0.99 cents to being completely free!

I like the looks of it, think anyone can get a video? 😄

Here, I’ll do one better

Click this Link, Unzip & Play

You’re awesome! So’s this game, got to 109 on my first go


I can use my original nes gun? Used to love this game, pew pew with the red and greygun.


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