DEMO - Pokemon

Hello everyone here is my pokemon engine demo,

If you would like to buy whole engine with source pm me.
Engine thread -

Men urgent login via Skype

vb6 use that component in the project

ps and Goran esoty waiting two days to me and you solve the problem of customer source and so far nothing

tell me what you use in vb6 component to fix the source of the client men’m waiting 3 days and nothing you do not pay for the pure ps em tired of waiting and if not give me back my money and now there is

and I get to skype to solve the problem

Is there a problem with running Pokemon Engine.exe as admin to solve the problem.As you can see this guy has no idea what he is doing or something about programming.I sold few engines already and no one is complaining.
Everything works smoothly and fast.


I’m not talking the talk Engine.ex font when I open source customer
I get this
I want to fix those problems to make changes to the graphics of jeugo
Tell me how to fix these problems?

ps and men going to fix the problem or give me back my money going to

Please only post once in 24 hours or when someone else has replied. Bumping a post an hour apart is breaking the rules.

Why don’t you PM Golf instead of spamming this post with your broken english.

He has a problem.I sent him all the components with source all he has to do is to install em by running compiled version as admin or adding it in system32.I helped as much as I can.

Buy Pokémon Engine

Old threead


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