Hello, we’re two students from NTI highschool who are gathering money to the charity musikhjälpen.
musikhjälpen gather money for people that have been affected by natural disasters. during the last 5 years over 100 million people have had to flee their homes because of natural disasters.

Each penny counts
for 5 €

may be enough for cement to build the foundation to secure a toilet that can withstand flooding

11 € can be enough to

may suffice to train a peasant family in East Africa in climate adaptation to be able to work the land despite the drought and avoid them moving from the farm

You can also donate 2.7 € that also counts! remeber, each penny counts

All money that donates will be directly transfered to musikhjälpen, 100% of the money does to musikhjälpen.

If you would like to know more you can click on this link.

If you dont have any money. you can share this link to spread the word.

Thank you for your contribution.