[DX7] Zets SEB Engine Edit

Well I figured it is Christmas so I would give a gift to the community. The engine, if you couldn’t tell by the title, is a SEB Engine edit that I was making for my game before Skywyre was released. I know it may not be useful to everyone but I’m sure there may be a few that can find some use out of it.

Download Here:

Features I have added:
Animated Map Layers for all layers except autotile. I couldn’t figure that one out. - Credits to BlkCrow
NPC Path Finding. - Credits to Sephiroth
NPC Name on/off option. - Me
NPC Level on/off option. - Me
World Map Button, located in options. - Me
world map image is hardcoded and will require VB6 to edit
NPC Stat Genertion, based on level and may require editing as necessary. - Me

Original SEB Engine Features(Copied from original feature list):
~Pet System~ * Bugged and needs some fixing. *
I’ve put in Lightning’s Pet System with a few tweaks that make it very optimized and far superior than the original out of the box. Simply create an NPC in the Npc Editor and then make an item in the Item Editor and make the Item Type “Summon”. A scroll bar in the Item Editor will pop up and will allow you to select which NPC this will summon when you use the item. Note: System is bugged and will replace the first NPC assigned to a map if used.
Guilds are in! I’ve put in Scott’s Guild System as well as a few additions such as a Guild Request Message, a Guild Menu, and a few other niceties. I’ve also fixed Guild Name Colors. (At least if I remember correctly I did. It’s been a while since I’ve used this bad boy)
Alatar’s Quest System makes it’s return in the SEB Engine. So, yeah, quests.
~Event System~
Jc’s Event system has been seamlessly added in. (this kinda defeated the purpose of me using EO 2.0 as a base but… you know. Nostalgia n’stuff.)
~Multiple Item Drops~
You can assign multiple drops to an NPC and I’ve boosted the amount of an item an NPC can drop from 255 to 500
~Higher Consume Amounts~
Instead of having a max heal amount on a consume of 255, you can now have potions that restore up to 25000 health.
~Visually Appealing Font~
The font now looks better than it used to.
~Wabbit’s Projectiles~
Wabbit’s Projectiles are in this Engine with some additions and fixes. (all these fixes are original, so: by me undefined)
*Projectiles will now no longer hit a ‘dead’ npc.
*Projectile collision has been fixed
*Ammo has been added (it’s optional)
*Scales off of Agility
*New “Mage Projectile” option in Item Editor will make a projectile scale off of Intelligence rather than Agility
~Dynamic Spell Scaling~
You can now select which stat a spell scales off of in the spell editor.
~Spell Canceling~
You can now cancel spells with another click or key-tap while casting that spell.
~Numeric Keypad~
Keypad numbers are now 1-9 with 0 “-” “=”.
~Small Loading Screen~
This small screen will now cover up the ugliness that happens when warping to a new map. The max ‘load time’ is 1s, so no worries.
PgUp and PgDn keys will now spin you in place.
~WASD Movement~
Along with the Arrow Keys, you can now also move with the WASD keys.
~Walking through Players~
You can walk through other players in ‘safe zones’.
~HoT Heal Tiles~
Healing tiles will now heal you over time when you step into the area you specify as a healing tile.
~DoT w/ Damage Fix~
A fix for a bug I found. You can look it up later.
~Dynamic Paperdolls~
Paperdolls are now rendered in a particular order depending on what direction the player is facing. This grants more realistic positioning for items and makes it easier to make paperdolls.
~New NPC Spell System~
I’ve upgraded the standard NPC spell system. Now the NPC will pick a random spell it’s been assigned and cast that spell using that spell’s own cast time and cooldown time.
~NPC ‘Agile’ Option~
Select this option to have your NPC be able to pass through NPC Avoid Tiles. Ideal for Pets and bosses.
~NPC ‘Boss’ Option~
Select this option if you want you NPC to have a Magenta colored name. Purely aesthetic.
~NPC ‘Hive Mind’ Option’
Select this option if you want the NPC to have the behavior of a Guard. Ideal for Attack on Sight NPC’s for tough dungeons.
~Arena Map Moral~
A map moral used for PVP arena’s where no Player Killer status will be given.
~Dynamic Elements System~
Stock with 6 elements, each has multiple strengths and weaknesses. Can be edited in source.
~Fixed Crafting~
Original Crafting system with a major fix. When making a recipe that uses multiple items of the same number, (say, two iron ore items), simply put those items as the first two in the recipe. It will now take the right amount of items undefined.
~9 Equipment Items~
Enchant || Helmet || Charm
Weapon || Armor || Shield
Gloves || Boots || Whetstone
~Server Status Checker~
Checks the Server Status, found in main menu.
~Upgraded Name Display~
Npc names will now also include their level. Player names include their level and class.
Panoramas/Backgrounds are very much present in the SEB Engine.
~Idle Animations~
2 different speeds of Idle Animations for sprites are present in the engine. The actual sprites for which the animations will be played for must be identified in the source.
~EXP from Resources~
You can now garner EXP from resource collecting.
~2Handed Weapons~
~RMXP Style Autotiles~
Autotiles in RMXP style format.
You can now shop rather quickly with some upgrades to the system.
~Death Spell Anim Fix~
Animations still play even if the spell killed the npc.
~Server Messages~
Full server messages with colors.
~Account Editor~
Very basic account editor on the Server.
~EXP Multiplier~
EXP Multiplier located on Server for special ‘holiday’ event
~Version Identifier~
Located in the Server.Options.ini you can let players know right from the get go what Version they’re running!

Anyways, for those interested, enjoy.

Can you reupload download please? 😄

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Sorry it took me a while. I have re-uploaded the engine. If anyone wants they can add a mirror. Let me know if the download goes down again and I’ll re-upload again. Hope you enjoy the engine.

Link is down again mate 😛

Upload on 4Shared or Mediafire…
Mega Files remove links more fast

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Reupload Please 🙂

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