Content Contest - Discussion/Submissions Thread

So, yeah, any discussion to do with my Content Contest should be brought here. Submissions too!

You’re going to host weekly contests for 2 weeks until you get bored and forget to do it, then say that there will be one next week, but then there won’t, and this will all fade away; I know how you people work.

You can post-process the map? Eh, nah. I’m good. I thought you had something when you limited the tileset, but if you can post-process that makes limited tile use pointless.

Well, you can apply a night/sunset overlay, apply fog, add lighting, shadows (if you really wanted), reflections in water, etc. They can all be done without needing to add more tiles.

The whole point of this contest is to show that there’s so more that you can do with the defaults. I wouldn’t say it’s pointless, as if at least one user can improve the visuals of their mapping by pushing what they can do with EO’s map editor at its core based on what they hopefully see here, then I’d be happy.

It’s just a suggestion anyway. I’m not expecting anybody to do so. 😛

Currently what I have so far. Unfortunately, it’s currently an illegal entry because I used a tileset variation that included flipped tiles, something I forgot about. I think it’s currently too crowded anyway, so when I deal with the flipped tiles, I’ll take the opportunity to clear out some trees/mountains. 😄

So, the deadline was Jan 7th, but seeing as you’re the only one so far, can I still put in a submission?

Well, I made a small map, the point is to have 2 teams (one on each side), and the players have to destroy the castle, towers, and farms/houses to win. They would respawn as well.

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