I bought a Rasperry Pi!

So as the title suggests, I purchased a Raspberry Pi 🙂

It’s coming tomorrow and I don’t really know what I should do with it so naturally I call upon Eclipse to help me out!
If you guys have a project idea feel free to shout the idea at me 🙂

Make a gameboy


Make a gameboy

Yeah, create a retro game console.

That’s definitely an interesting idea! It would actually be cool to shove a RPi into a NES.

There is already an os for raspberry pi that turns it into a emulator,  look up emulationstation,  I use my pi as a Web sever,  also working on making it control my lights

I know there is a os for emulating retro games (I believe it’s called Retro Pi) but it’d be cool to put it in a NES case. For the all out retro experience.

That’s a great idea - make a portable retro game console. That would actually sell if someone did it. 😛

I used mine to create an emulator box and it worked pretty well with controller support via USB dongle. I want to do something more with it though. There’s some PI clusters out there that have me intrigued but I haven;t done it yet because there’s no practicality (at least not yet).

A cluster is also a great idea but unfortunately I only ordered (have) one Raspberry Pi.

What model did you get, and why have you chosen that specific model?

Raspberry Pi 2. I choose it because it’s the most powerful Raspberry Pi model and it was the only Raspberry Pi offered to me in a kit (Obtaining Raspberry Pi’s in Canada is difficult and expensive. The Raspberry Pi standalone will cost approx. $60-70 here so I decided to get a kit).

Thanks! I’m long gone the ‘noob’ stage.

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