Preview of the application, early registration, rewards, screen shots of the application (scroll down).

Hey Everyone,

I’m a long time member of this forum (since 2009) but I can’t remember my password for my other account (bboy44).

Pixel Swords Background
I’ve been working on a web application for android and iOS for about six months now. I’ve made many web applications in my past, not only for me but for other people, and this is the first one that I think might actually go somewhere. I don’t have much money so I pondered ways to get this application out there for a cheap budget, and this is what I came up with. I made an early registration page for my application, where users can go and register early (obviously) for rewards when the application actually releases. I’m hoping to get a first release out by August of this year, hopefully much earlier. I appreciate any feedback (negative or positive) so much and I will do my best to answer any questions you all may have, and try to work on all of your suggestions. Let’s get started.

What is Pixel Swords?
Pixel Swords is an iOS/android application. We’re going for a concept of a card game, that you can play with friends that has the feel of an rpg game. When you begin on your Pixelized quest you will start at level one. Like any other rpg game, you must defeat enemies to level up. This can be done in two ways. First, you level up by doing individual encounters, which means you fight enemies by yourself. Or, you can do dungeons with friends to gain experience and level up. Upon leveling up, you can choose where your skills go, and what spells you want to learn. This basically defines your class.

When you join the game you will have an option to start your own group, or get an invite to another friends group. Up to 4 people per group. When you join your friends group, or invite a friend to a group, you will both be able to see each other’s player cards. These playercards show all of your group members health, stats, name, level, items, etc. Because obviously you will want to communicate with your group, there is a built in chat system for each group. We plan to have group logos, group rankings, etc. in later releases. This is the group that you will take into dungeons, so choose your friends wisely.

Individual Encounters
Leveling by yourself always needs to be implemented in case none of your friends are on. Basically, if an encounter is available, you will choose to fight or run from that enemy. If you fight and lose, your health will drop according to that enemies stats and your items, level, stats, etc. If the enemy kills you, your health drops to zero and your exp drops to zero, losing any progress you had on the next level. However, if you defeat that enemy you will receive whatever card that enemy was holding, and gain exp accordingly.

These will work on a turn basis. When you join a boss fight, each player in your group has 30 seconds to choose what spell they want to cast, or if they want to do just a regular attack (spells on cooldown). Once the 30 seconds are up, your group will take its turn and all the algorithms will be calculated. Then the boss takes its turn, and the health of players and boss is adjusted accordingly. If the players defeat the boss, there will be a rare item drop that each player who wants to roll for it can do so, and the winner; obviously wins the item. Each boss defeated will unlock that icon for you to have which, if chosen, will show up on your player card.

Maybe not on initial release, but dueling will be implemented. Same as before, on a turn basis. Bet a sword, and go at it. Winner takes all.

Auction House
Pretty self explanatory. Put your rare items up for sale on the auction house.

So far, we are planning to only have trading be available between group members.

Craft items with ingredients you got from breaking down other items, enchant items to give them a nice glow of a color that’s linked to the enchant.

To Add a Twist
That’s not it, however. We want this to be your game. Have a pixeling talent? Great! Create an item by choosing the rarity of the card, the stats of the card, and even pixel your own item. Upload the card with our ‘Card Adding’ system, and if your card is one of the top five up-voted cards of that day, your card will be implemented into the game. We want to end up eventually doing this with monsters and dungeons as well. We already have all this developed because we felt that this would be the most important aspect to the game.

I know this forum has a decent amount of quality pixel artists, and if any of you would like to help out with this project, feel free to pm me.

For eye candy on the application, and to register for early registration please visit our website:

Again, I appreciate every one of you taking the time to read this post!