Zombie Project Graphics / Maps

Been converting City of Illusion(one of my other games) graphics over to make a zombie game. More info on the game will be released later.

City Concept

Some reference I use some might understand

Inside the Sewers will look like this for the most part.

City map tile test with the fog to see how well they mix to give zombie feel.

looks pretty solid man! can’t wait to see more of it 😄

Also keep in mind on the sewer map the Grates on the wall are just place holders need to make some graphics. The current one are actually the top of a window type lol

City Concept image has been added. Mapped out all the maps before I mapped them.

Looking great so far! Looking forward to seeing more progress. 🙂

A few new tiles made for the sewers Made by Kite.

Also redone most of the GUI already just need to redo buttons for inventory/spells/etc thats why they have been removed from the image.

Finished the spawn system today and set it up on map 2 which is the first city map top left corner.

Made a test guy to fight some stuff. level 1 zombies fighting solo will take about half your life at level 1 so I had to run.

looks very good draken

It’s a beauty!

Looking even better 🙂

got trees/bushes added back in. collect that wood lol

does anyone get this movie reference

should put a dirt tile under the bushes so the border of the bush is more clearly visible.

Justn is doing some source code edits for me.

Soon going to have a very very rare chance of a player spawning back as a zombie then once they die again back to a normal human. Also fixing some bugs and changing the crafting system. As well as hard coding the NPC spawn system and search system for items.

What the crafting system will look like basically

you will have to find blueprints randomly in different trash piles. Gotta collect em all pokemon… i mean blueprints yea blueprints…

I guess I need to make an active project topic soon.

Decided to shrink maps size down to 32x32 tile maps. City is now 8x8 maps in size. I have mapped all the roads on the 64 maps and i have mapped all the sewers out which is another 64 maps other then small details like pipes on the wall and the ladders to get out. Now to go and add buildings to all the city maps.

Official Map Bank Exterior

Don’t mind the zombies they are all spawned at the moment. Since I’m waiting on the source code edits for the new spawn system that is being done.

Also notice i updated the bank sign graphics.

Official Sewer Map (all but the ladder is there for testing)

And once again zombies are not using new spawn system yet that’s why there are so many.

My suggestion, change that interface to match the graphic theme you are using.  😄


My suggestion, change that interface to match the graphic theme you are using.  😄

you mean the inventory buttons ect? if so that’s why i have a looking for GUI artist topic in the talent center.

Project is on hold until I get the new source edits from jstin. Havent talked to him in about 2 weeks now soooo……

This game seriously looks awesome great job man

Lol I always laugh when I see newbie underneath my profile lol

I have another friend coding some more stuff.

Also can a mod or admin move this topic to active projects this way I don’t have to make a new topic. I’ll edit the first post to make it look better in a bit.

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