Project Siela Pics

Hey guys

So this is a thread I’ll be updating as I continue to work on Project Siela. Note that this is a picture thread only, so no game concept or story (etc) will be present here.

I’m really looking forward to some feedback on what I might improve!


Woodland Demon model:

Corrupt model:

New terrain 😄

Some basic weapon paperdolling going on 😄

More pics on weapons, models, and terrain coming soon 😄

These look so great! Really love voxel art. 🙂

looks amazing

Sky, you should make an enemy that looks almost exactly like some in-game thing like a tree or a rock that players won’t notice unless they’re really looking

Campfire needs some flames. Also seems to be much bigger in size in relation to the player.

Custom engine? OpenGL or DirectX?

Thanks for the feedback guys 😄 Yeah, Zesh. That fire will actually be the model used in the center of the Tribal villages 😄 Using unity and my own Voxel based lighting to render everything.

Also Mohenjo, lovely idea.

There are no flames on the wood. only particles.

Sky, you need actual flames or something on the fires lol, and you know you love the idea 😉 just think how paranoid people might get at times (in a good way)!

Mannnnn how I to make flames out of voxels? Loool

Bad double post, but here’s a new model:

New terrain 😄

Looks super cool! What are you making it in? And how did you generate the terrain?

I’m making it with C# in Unity. I generated this terrain using Perlin noise, and used greedy meshing for collisions. In the actual game, I’ll be hand crafting the world, though I may start out with a generated terrain such as this to build off of 😄

Great stuff, moar!

Like this new desert-esc terrain?

Finally something new on eclipse

Some basic weapon paperdolling going on 😄

Let me see some pictures of a staff! You know I hate everything but mage gear. Looking forward to seeing mage outfits (please make a assassin’s creed type xD)

Haha, they’re on their way!

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