New Dawn(Official Project Thread)

New Dawn

Hey guys! So this is the official project thread on Eclipse for New Dawn.

What is New Dawn?

New Dawn is a 3D Voxel Based Open World RPG with Tribe building elements. (A mouthful to be sure) My brother and I thought up a concept while camping in Jasper, Canada. What we’re aiming to create is a deep open world with real progression, high replay value, and action packed combat.

The game concept is still pretty shaky, but here’s our overview as of now.


! This game is set in a fantasy world that resembles North America before European expansion. You are a member of one of the several distinct Tribes inhabiting the area. The player will be able to select their Tribe during Character Creation. Each Tribe has specific bonuses and cons. For instance, the Woodland Tribe, the Haku, are experienced in fishing and are naturally skilled at Bow based combat, whereas the Tal’nis, a Tribe centered around a partially active Volcano, are adept in Fire magic and can work various metals. Each of these inherent traits are not available on the global Skill Tree, but most everything else will be. The game is strongly based on Exploration, Progression, and Player Choices. You’ll need to grow your Tribe’s population to unlock more procedural quests and refine your materials faster. Gear is dropped by various monsters such as the Wendigo or Skinchanger, collected from the fallen warriors of warring Tribes, or crafted of raw and refined materials. A day/night system immerses you and is meant to scare you silly at lower levels. (Very Dangerous mobs come out especially at night) Find new hidden areas in a meticulously hand-crafted world as you progress your character. Hunt to keep your character alive as running around can tire you immensely. Find mysterious ruins left behind by civilizations far older and greater than your own. As you enter the late game, delve into the randomized Spirit Crypts to obtain amazing gear or incredibly rare materials. Take part in PvP arenas where your gear and play style actually matters! Fight the race of cannibal giants in the north or the Cursed Spirits running rampant in your world. This game promises to maintain your attention for long LONG periods of time and we hope to keep players coming back with free updates and expansions.

It might sound a little jumbled, and to be honest, it is! We’re still ironing out the game’s concept, but no matter what, we hope to deliver a game that will keep players engaged and coming back LONG after they hit the 30 hour mark.

Q: What is the game made in?
A: I’m programming the game in C# using Unity.

Q: What were your inspirations?
A: Nature played a big part. Me and my brother are in awe every time we visit Jasper or Yellowstone. Those areas enhanced with the legends and stories of the First Nations peoples are the major inspiration. Cube World was the leading inspiration for the aesthetics behind the game. In the end, voxel models are just easier to make and look better in our opinion than some rookie models found in other indie projects. Legend of Zelda, Diablo, and Cube World are our gameplay inspirations.

Q: When are you aiming to release?
A: When it’s done. lol. Lot’s of work going into the project, and a tremendous amount of work has yet to even start.

Q: How many people are working on this game?
A: Me, myself, and my brother.

Q: Can I help bring this project to life?
A: If you’re a talented voxel artist, hit me up!

Q: Which platforms are supported?
A: For right now: Windows PC. Probably Mac support in the future, but no promises.

Q: Will the game be free?
A: Nope. Lots of time going into this, and even more heart. We estimate the price to be somewhere around $20-$30 USD when the game is completely finished.

Q: Are you actually going to finish this game?
A: You betcha. This is my first attempt at a 3D commercial game, and we intend to finish it, even if it takes years to do so.


Woodland Demon model:

Corrupt model:

Basic Inventory so far:

Basic equipment menu thus far:

Looking good man, can’t wait to see more of it!

Finally got my inventory system working. It’s pretty damn sweet in terms of dynamics as it takes a snapshot of every item model of every item in your inventory array. Then it gets simpler of course with simple rendering. The major progress here though, comes in performance. Even though it’s taking a snapshot of the models, I don’t drop any frames when calling the functions to handle the inventory!

Still needs a bit of work, but here it is so far:

Hey man, this looks really cool already, i was a big cubeworld fan so im definitely going to keep up with this project.

Good luck with it!

Glad to here it man 😄

Got a basic item Desc going. It still looks terrible but the basic functions are there and working.

Working on my equipment window and the function of equipping weapons now.

looks very good sky. except maybe the ui looks a bit bad, but other than that its great. taking years to finish a game…thats a pretty strong statement. you should be absolutely sure that you will finish this game even though it takes years to finish. a tip on finishing a game that might take this long are breaks. dont do it 24/7, otherwise it might become a bit boring. hope you and your bro finish the game! good luck!!


oh and also with the sword icons and stuff should look more 3d, im not sure how to explain this properly but it looks as if its still a 2d game with 2d ui. so use 3d icons, or make all the ui look really 8 bit style.

good luck!

a tip on finishing a game that might take this long are breaks. dont do it 24/7, otherwise it might become a bit boring.

Nice tip Sherlock

This game looks awesome, I wanted to do something similar awhile back but you actually did it. Little jelly not gonna lie.

Also, why are the logs in the fire clearly cake rolls.

LMAO Marsh! Thats a good point though, I totally see it now. As always, looking good Sky. I do agree, however, that there should be some flames coming from the fire and maybe change up the logs a little bit and it would look much better. Also, I would love to see some trees and rocks or something. The ground generation looks nice but maybe kick it up a notch(BAM).

I’ll be working on the campfire more when I get back 😄 Also, a big announcement soon!

Is the announcement that I get the game for free and it’ll be ready tomorrow? 😄 Glad to see there’s a lot of progress going on lol

Hey guys! So I’ve been on vacation for the last week just about, and will continue for about 3 more days. After then, more work on Project Siela and another secret project shall continue. So, in the meantime, I’ll be leaving you with this announcement. As some of you know, the game and all future updates will be available upon release for a one time price of somewhere between $20-$30. However, anyone who donates anything equal to or greater $10 to within the month of April, 2016, will receive the game for free upon release. Any questions? Feel free to post below or privately message me. I’ll be updating the main thread when I get back from vacation.

Updated some info on the project. I’ll come back in a month or so to update again. Game is called New Dawn now.

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