Dance Of Death

Dance Of Death
(Temporary name)
Hello Eclipsers. Its Niko here and I have yet again done a complete 180 degree flip on my current gaming project. The project started off as me creating a tile-set for a rogue like game, which in time became more than a tile-set and turned into a project I was working on entitled Rogue Realms. After a while I got sick of the rogue style, everything was icon like. There was no real perspective or size ratio. A chair was 32x32, which was the same size as a door, which was the same size as a tree which was the same size as your character. Eventually I started making perspective a bit more real, so I created new trees which also looked more realistic. And after a bit of tweaking I had strayed from the original idea a bit too much.

This was the point I started trying to figure out which direction I was going to take the game. Ive always been a fan of darker themes in games, including blood and dark color palettes. So this was clearly the route I was going to take. I started thinking about it and thought  doing a game base around the bubonic plague would be fun to develop so this is what I picked.

Quick little gui I put together.

City center. Im trying to make it full of disease. Will be adding rats and bugs. Piles of dead body’s and such.

There is much content I have yet to add. I will be setting up traps around the city, Adding in mice and disease holders, adding a jail system that only those smart enough can break free from. The main Quest will involve an attempt at ridding the empire of disease. At certin points of your quest even you can become plague ridden. The cool thing about this game is it will show how different areas have been infected differently. The screenshot below shows a partially infected city center. This is where you will start. Some city’s are completely destroyed, some are not effected at all.

Planned Features:
-Hunger System

-Blackness System- If your blackness bar reaches 100% your are infected with the bubonic plague. Currently there are no cures. When this occurs your character looks infected and your stats all decrease by 50%

-Items drop upon death

-Heavily trapped and guarded citys, to prevent plague holders from spreading disease.

-Rats, Mice, bugs and certain other animals and scenarios can raise your blackness level.

-Large quest series involving the whole realms attempt to rid the plague.

-If caught stealing or breaking laws you will be sent to jail. Your blackness bar will slowly raise in jail but smart players can break free from jail.

-Different citys will show their percent chance of infection upon entering city walls.

-Sewers hold a high chance of becoming blackened. Only stay in the sewers for short periods of time.

-Food will lower your blackness bar, also washing your hands, feet, face. Bathing and basic antibiotics. Certain herbs and mushrooms will help.

How many rats and mices until I’ll be 100% black?
I wanna look like kid Michael Jackson.

@Dr.House that’s funny shit brother. I wasn’t planning on making the sprites turn black but that is something to think about. Once you reach 100% infected by the black plauge I was just going to change the player sprite to the plagued sprite.

This is an extremely interesting concept! If you’re able to accomplish this all in Eclipse it’ll be very impressive. I don’t think a game concept like this has really been done before, at least in an MMO.

Thank you for your support, Should make for an interesting game!

Looks good. I hope I will actually see this one get finished so I can play it 😄

Well, hopefully I will find a coder to join the team soon. All my failed projects have been due to lack of coding or features or bug fixes. I don’t code what so ever.

Interesting c oncept! May I suggest, from a graphical point of view, why not have the fog in a similar style too? It looks like it’s higher quality in some screenshots than the actual tileset.

Always up for suggestions. I see what your saying there.

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