Tips on mapping

I am probably the worst, i mean the WORST mapper in the world(probably). So, any tips on mapping?

Tips i need help on:


Thanks people,

P.S check out my mapping skills as attached!!


  • Inspiration

find random maps on google
google “RPG Maker Maps” and check for yourself
then try to copy it, if you succeed (even if it’s not 100% copied)
try one on your own using the same style

this is the easy tips to improve mapping skill, and it’s really effective
probably most people here will deny it, but you won’t know unless you tried it…

also, try to know how to use layer wisely

This link shows you best examples of a forest map, that map looks like a person that randomly place thing all over the place expecting it to look like forest with trees you can run though.
Just –-> CLICK HERE! <–- for some professional help!

The key is really practice. My maps used to look just like yours, although I’m not amazing I’m getting better every time I practice.

Also look at this topic for a few examples of some really amazing maps. These’ll help you get better if you look at the techniques the creators used.

For anything natural (roads included) NEVER USE STRAIGHT LINES. Lines and right angles don’t happen in nature, they are man made, so in a village they are fine, in a cliff they are not. If you look into a forest you’ll never see a line of trees unless they are planted by man. So work on your pixel circles and bring that into curves as well as moving around the line, so like –-__-_ sort of thing. Hopefully this helps 🙂 Oh, and roads can have pieces and areas missing from the sides.

thanks very helpful eryone!

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