Sprite Sheets

Is there any downfall to using a single sprite sheet?

I imagine it would be extremely hard to find a specific tile and the file would be absolutely massive. Although I don’t really see it impacting performance too much it would be a serious annoyance when mapping.

you’ll have to worry about Graphics devices, not all of them will support massive images being loaded. other than that, not really many issues with doing a sprite sheet other than what Colonello said.

That’s how the old engine was long time ago.

I personal like the single sprites instead. Mostly due to the fact when you want to add a new sprite to the game the players will only need to download a small file instead of a large file.

True. Also, I realised that with a single sprite sheet you don’t have the option of different sized sprites. I’ve separated them all now anyway.

Its really preference, personally I like separated sheets. Like you said you can support different sizes. You also dont have to load the entire giant sheet into memory and then parse out what you need. It gives it more control in the long run. Also if you need to provide a update to your game its easier for the user to download a small sprite then the entire file. Yes these days most of this wont matter with fast computers, tons of memory and great internet connections but its better to support it if you can. Also if you ever move to a phone you would be surprised how quickly these things come into play.

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