Hey all.

So today is the day. I’m leaving Eclipse. It’s been a good run, but sadly Eclipse is turning into something I hate. Something quite reminiscent of the EverEmber forums of old. I don’t like the environment, the lack of professionalism (I mean come ON guys. I’m 18, working, making time for my girlfriend, game development, and family/friends and can still run a forum better than this…), and lack of communication from the staff.

(As a side note: Chief, not getting on you for this at all. I like what you’re doing and wish you the best!)

To all those that I may miss (that I don’t have a solid form of contact with) Marsh/Evan, Colonello, Carim, ect. Feel free to drop a message in my inbox. I’ll come back occasionally to dig through the buddy requests and spam and get that contact info.

I’m also pulling Skywyre Primitive for the time being. Last I heard Eclipse has had a new lead engine in the works for months now. Let’s hope they deliver. If I ever get some extra time I’ll try to fix the remaining bugs and launch a final version. Whether or not I’ll post it to Eclipse is another matter. More than likely I will.

Anywho. I still own Skywyre.net, so no doubt you can find me there. I’ll also be present on the site which must not be named. Work on Project Siela will continue, and I’ll continue down the road Eclipse set me down. None can say I didn’t try to stop it, but Eclipse isn’t what it used to be for me, and is no longer somewhere I can come to to do what I thought Eclipse was for.

Anywho. Peace out.

Happy April fools?

Well I’m sad to see you go Sky but its okay, I’ll see you around on the site which must not be named. I understand why you’re doing what you’re doing, as I have started to feel much the same, but I have decided to stick it out and help in anyway I can(as little as it maybe) to make this a better place, somewhat like it used to be.

With all that said, I honestly don’t know why you have pulled the Skywyre Primitive download. With what you’re doing right now with Siela I see no reason not to leave Skywyre here, it would be useful for a lot people just stepping into the game development scene. Hell, in the long run it could help attract players for Siela. Also, would you mind if others post a download link for Skywyre?

If this an April Fools joke then I will admit, you got me. Seeing how I just got off work and all(so its still the 31st for me lol) I think I should be cut a little slack on that one.

Damn it, I didn’t time this farewell well apparently lol.

Nope. Not an April Fools prank, though part of me wishes it was. Also, Zetasis, upon further reflection I’ve put Skywyre back up. And yeah, see ya around man 😄

Take care man

Have a good one man, I know where you are coming from. You can hit me up on Skype if you want to keep in touch. Marshmoogle

We don’t really need threads announcing departures anymore, do we? Eclipse is changing, so you leaving now is bad timing. Come back in a couple of months, cool?

I agree with Chief.

Those last 2 posts pretty much sum up while people are leaving… le sigh

That sounds like more of a personal problem.

It’s a shame to see some respectable members of the community be turned off by it (especially Sky & Rob). There must be some drama behind the front page because this place has been the same to me for years lol. You guys shouldn’t leave, though. Eclipse has a lot to work with & it’s not too late to bounce back but the current members have to make it a welcoming place.

We’re definitely trying to make this place better again. Link wrote a really awesome post explaining the first step that we’re taking to make it the place we loved again: http://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/thread-85780-post-945891.html#pid945891

I understand Rob’s point of view; people keep saying things are gonna change, or things are happening, etc, but nobody ever does anything. This time, we’re doing real things, taking real steps, and making real projects.

This is my first time on staff, but I’ve been around eclipse since 2008; I’ll work my butt off for you guys to make this place how I remember it; A place that everyone loved to come and hang out and just make games.

Well I’ll come check it out in a few months I suppose. Really hope you can do it Chief!

However, as for that post by Link. Marsh had the Owner title back in the day and all it did for me was garner respect (at least from my perspective)

I’ve been hearing of a new engine in the works for years, yet the only actual evidence of anything getting done (up until now) is the Intersect engine.

I wish you the best, Chief, I really do. I hope that this place can get back to what it was, but I believe my time here is done. I may end up eating those words, but part of me doubts it.

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