Any softwares or websites for making fanatsy world maps?

I want to create a map for my game, like a world map fantasy based(not the one you see when you open map editor in skywyre, I mean a real map).
So does anyone know any free (fantasy) map making softwares or websites?


i used gimp for this

I’ve used Map Maker 3 (they have a more updated version now though) as well as Fractal Terrains but those you need to pay for or use the demo for X days. Getting around the demo, just change the computer time or uninstall it then delete the registry files (careful doing that), or actually be a decent person and buy the software (I suggest not abusing demo versions) 🙂 I personally like Fractal Terrains a lot, it’s neat and a good program. I’ve seen people use Gimp (as or3o said) and Photoshop.

Inkarnate is pretty good. Slightly limited, but still nice nonetheless.

Started looking into it more. Try using Wilbur or a different program from here

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