Just wanted to say…

I have been a member of this community off and on for a big majority of my life though I feel I have never really been a strong supporting member like I have always wanted to be. Recently I went though a really rough patch in my life with drinking, drugs, arrests and other things I don’t wish to get into. Needless to say last year was one of the roughest years of my life. But the end of last year and this year things have really changed for the better for me. I left a few people here high and dry last year and to those people I owe a big apology. I plan on being a much stronger member of this community and by helping new comers learn and grow by passing along/teaching with what skills I do possess. I want to thank this entire community for being a solid rock and always being a place I can turn to. So once again I am here to say hello as I return to the site and this time, hopefully, it will be for good.

Most of you I’m sure don’t really care nor have noticed. It’s just something I wanted to share. 🙂

Hey Grizzy, welcome back!

Welcome back! Glad you were able to get through all of that stuff and excited to hear you want to help new members.

Welcome back Grizzy, so glad that someone can turn to the community in that way.

Sorry to hear about that time in your life, but congrats for getting through it and welcome back man!

Glad to have you back. ^_^

Glad to have you back, Grizzy.

Welcome back Grizzy!(i don’t even know you, but welcome back).

Glad you want to be more of a helping hand in the eclipse community, because most of us need a lot of help(including myself!). Thank you for stepping up for eclipse, and i hope to see you helping a lot of us out!

Seki :3

I suppose April is also the month of returning, haha. Welcome back.

Welcome back brother.

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