Arcade space shooter

Hello! I just wanted to share the first game I’ve ever created/finished.
It’s a simple space shooter where your goal is to get as many points as possible.
You can also upgrade your ship.
2 player mode is also featured!

Do you like arcade-ish games? Do you like simple games? Well then, arcade space shooter might be what you’re into!
It’s an oldschool looking game with a custom shop which allows you to:

Buy more lasers and upgrade your ship as you play
Customize your ship with cool designs
Collect duranium and spend it!
Or maybe, you want to clash with a friend in the 2 player mode! The first one to 10,000 points wins! Only the best player will win!

But you maybe like playing forever? Well then, unlimitade traveling mode is for you! It will be going on and on forever until the aliens have defeated you!

The game will maybe be ported to iOS which will allow you to play it whenever you like, the game is a very simple one and isn’t that good for PC, and that’s why I will maybe port it over.

If you have any feedback, comments or questions, feel free to post them below!

Player 1 controls:
Arrow keys to move
Spacebar to shoot

Player 2 controls:
A and D to move
W to shoot

Game page:
Here’s some images:

Very nice solid game. Only complaint I can think of is that menu buttons seem too loud to me. Also I think it would be cool to have some dying/exploding animation, than to just have button try again appear.

It looks really good but…. it’s a bit jerky with movement (at least when I played). Might have been due to the fact that I had 10000000+ tabs open 😮

@Vus Thanks! I will think of lowering the sounds of the buttons next time. And I was going to do a death animation, but I wanted it to be “Go back to the action!” (inspired from super meat boy)

@Galacticglum If you playd from the web browser, then it will be a bit laggy.

Looks nice! I like the logo font 🙂


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